You can instantly tell if the waiter who is serving you is terrible. Maybe they haven't tucked their shirt fully into their pants, are chewing gum or are giving off a musty smell that will render any food you place into your mouth as disgusting. Of course they don't like their job, they are serving plate after plate of delicious food to rude and hungry customers who wouldn't bat an eyelid even if they slipped on a rogue piece of pie to their death. Cinema has always made it it's duty to accentuate the disgustingness of the kitchen, so that audiences can't help but cringe as a dirt ridden piece of cuisine touches the lips of an oblivious caterer. And here are 7 movie waiters who were truly awful at their jobs to the point that you never trusted anyone wearing a name tag ever again.

"Super Troopers."

Broken Lizard's hilarious comedy about a posse of police officers is full of gross out moments that make bile rise to the tip of your tongue and it is Kevin Heffernan as Rodney Farva who is on the receiving end of most of the abuse. None more so than when inside a fast food burger joint when the attendee spits on his burger, which Farva recognizes but continues to much through anyway. Only when Farva's cup is pierced through does the obese and obnoxious cop look for revenge that ultimately leads to his demotion.

"Office Space."

Jennifer Anniston's first successful foray into world of cinema saw her work at a restaurant called Chotchkie's, whose bright and friendly facade slowly turns her character into a frustrated ball of failure. She finally reaches the end of her tether and gives her boss the finger before storming out of the building. Anyone else who has gone through the same ordeal knows that the feeling of relief of happiness is soon replaced by the worry of how you are going to pay your bills and eat food. But it is definitely worth it.

"Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life."

Monty Python's brand of wacky and offensive humor made them the most original comedy troupe to every grace god's green earth. And it was in this 1983 comedy a humongously obese man being sick in a high class restaurant became one of the greatest comedy sequences ever. Unfortunately the fact that the culprit wasn't immediately thrown out of the restaurant means that this waiter didn't do his job properly.

"Road Trip."

When asking for powdered sugar to be removed from French toast, you can at least expect the waiter in question to provide the service in a timely and graceful manner. Which is exactly what the waiter in Todd Phillip's movie did, however the process did include licking the toast clean and wiping the piece of food across his genitalia. Still Kyle never found out and what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.

"Five Easy Pieces."

Sometimes it's hard to figure out if it is you who is being the terrible customer, or if it is the server who is providing terrible customer service. In Jack Nicholson's seminal masterpiece it is a little from both columns, but the final request of the waiter for Jack and his companions to leave the premises is a bit harsh.