5 Movie Vigilantes Who Could Fight The Zetas

Tuesday, October 4 by
Dirty Harry doesn't drink bottled water. 

A couple weeks ago, Mexican drug traffickers known as the ‘Zetas’ dumped 35 bodies onto a street in Veracruz, marking a new level of terror in the state. That terror has spawned a new level of justice – the ‘Zeta Killers‘, an unidentified vigilante group aimed at getting rid of the Zetas by any means necessary.  To make matters worse, the authorities announced they would crack down on any vigilante violence that acts outside the law.

Though I’d like to think these ‘Zeta Killers’ can get the job done, the existence (and placement) of their water bottles is throwing me off. So, in the event they can’t do it, let’s see who easily could.

Batman – The Dark Knight

This is a no brainer.  Batman has vigilante violence down to a science; he also knows how to coax members of the law on to his side.  If he’s able to sneak into communist China undetected, there’s no reason why he couldn’t sneak into Veracruz in the same fashion.  This would also give him an excuse to snag a Zeta and scream “Where were the other drugs going?!?”

Creasy – Man on Fire

Not only is Creasy a demented lunatic, he knows his way around Mexico.  If he’s able to find kidnappers in big, bustling Mexico City, he can easily find drug traffickers in Cuernavaca. And it doesn’t hurt to have Tony Scott‘s neurotic 360 camera spins and Trent Reznor‘s beats blasting in the background.

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