Ah, therapy, it's a process which we have all considered, right We all feel weak at times, like we need to be guided through these problems by a trained professional who can teach us the error of our ways. Cinema has always been capable of creating original and vibrant therapists who have helped their patients through dark period in their lives. But what about those terrible therapists? The ones who may have still helped the people who have visited them but have done it in a terrible or abashed way. Here are five movie therapists who were terrible at counseling in some way or another.

"One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest"

Nurse Ratched may not have been an actual therapist but her role in the psychiatric ward is a kind of therapist where she listens to the problems of her inhabitants. Ratched is pure evil and manipulates each of these people to do exactly what she wants and uses her powerful hold of medication to hurt them. If Nicholson's lovable rogue McMurphy can't beat her, who can? Maybe the Chief.

"Analyze This"

Billy Crystal's bored therapist's world is thrown out of sync by the arrival of Robert De Niro's mobster who needs therapy to help him in his gangstery ways. Crystal's Ben Sobel struggles with the moral implications of treating a mobster and this can be seen throughout the movie up until his confidence builds and he is accepted into the crime world. Well, sort of. At least he avoided getting whacked.

"The Sixth Sense"

Can a productive therapist really be dead? I suppose he does end up helping Hayley Joel Osmont's character but the kid really does look crazy just talking to himself. But then, he's a strange boy to begin with, so maybe batted an eyelash. The twist that Willis is actually dead through the whole movie got people talking big time, but it's too bad that M.Night let that twist gimmick take over his whole career.

"Silence Of The Lambs"

Nurse Ratched was pretty evil and mean but at least she didn't murder anyone with her bare hands. Hannibal Lecter on the other hand is addicted to murdering and assaulting those around him, he still finds time to help out Jodie Foster's Clarece Starling. However if you don't like farva beans or a nice glass of chianti, don't bother going to his for dinner. Not to mention all the human body parts he serves.

"Good Will Hunting"

Yes, he helps Will find his true calling in life and he also helps him leave behind the past which had been holding him back, but strangling a kid in your first lesson? Come on, that's instant grounds for dismissal, plus his beard needs trimming. Still better than "Patch Adams" though. That's for sure.