5 Movie Storms That Played Pivotal Roles In Movies

Thursday, December 29 by Joseph Gibson

stormsDr. Frankenstein resurrecting a dead body and stuff like that. But these five movie storms are different – they play a major role in the film's plot. So stock up on canned food items and remember your weather radio, because here they are.

"Steamboat Bill, Jr." Even if the hurricane in this Buster Keaton classic had nothing to do with the rest of the plot, it would be one of the best sequences ever filmed. The wind blows Buster all around town, and in the movie's most famous gag, blows an entire wall down around him. The storm also allows Buster to break his dad out of jail, but the important thing is those incredible stunts.

sunrise tale of two humans

"Sunrise: A Tale of Two Humans" The story is simple: A man gets tempted by a slick city woman into killing his wife. Luckily for just about everybody involved, a giant storm comes through and thwarts the murder attempt. That's not all it thwarts, though, since the husband and wife reconcile and live happily ever after. You read that right, even though the man had tried to murder his wife, they still make the marriage work. That must have been some storm.

"The Perfect Storm" The titular hurricane in "The Perfect Storm" is two hurricanes mixed together and on steroids, or something. And not only is it integral to the plot, it IS the plot. That's pretty unfortunate for the doomed fishing boat crew played by George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, and others. But it's pretty cool for the audience, especially if you like to watch stuff getting messed up by the weather.

snake eyes nicolas cage gary sinise

"Snake Eyes" Brian De Palma wanted to end his crime thriller with a huge special-effects bonanza, as a hurricane descends upon the characters in the movie. He ran out of money, though, so he had to make do with a subtler kind of storm. It still plays a pivotal role in the plot, we just don't get to see quite as much of it as we might otherwise have.

"The Abyss" James Cameron's undersea epic has more disasters than you can shake a tentacle at, but one of them is a huge storm that cuts off communication between the undersea research installation (now you know where the title of the movie comes from). By the end of the movie, you see all kinds of aliens, water tentacles, severe cases of cabin fever, and undersea floods, so it might be easy to forget the pivotal storm from the beginning. But it was there, alright. It was there.

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