Any movie is made immeasurably better by a huge explosion. And there is also a scientific formula that proves that when this destruction occurs in outer space, it becomes even cooler. Of course, by it taking place out in the deep dark abyss near the moon there is even more chance that people will perish in the disaster, but you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs! Seeing all of this go down on the big screen is one of the great joys of modern cinema. So here is a run down of 5 movie space stations that eventually became space debris, and reasons why they kicked ass.


Death Star, "Star Wars"

It's a sequence that is cemented into cinematic folklore and been parodied hundreds of time since it's inception. However the image of Luke Skywalker destroying the Death Star still manages to hold quite an emotional punch with the force helping the young Jedi to get his shot inch-perfect. 


Nostromo, "Alien"

Sigourney Weaver's Ripley has to go through a lot just to kill a measly little Alien. Yes, it systematically killed her entire crew one by one, but did she need to blow up her space station, the Nostromo? It just seems a little excessive. Why couldn't she just talk to the little guy?


Russian Space Station, "Armageddon"

Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, and Steve Buscemi and friends are placed with the task of saving the world from utter destruction by planting a nuclear bomb into the center of an asteroid. On their way they need to re-fuel and use a Russian space station to do so but of course through their crazy shenanigans they end up blowing it up and taking another passenger on their crazy adventure.


Enterprise, "Star Trek III: The Search For Spock"

Captain Kirk has always been a rather clever S.O.B. and in order to trap invading Klingons that have invaded the Enterprise he decides to blow it up as he beams onto their nearby ship. It was very emotional to see such an iconic vehicle of the sci-fi genre explode, even if it was just a spaceship.


Death Star, " Return of the Jedi"

Darth Vader just can't catch a break, can he!? Only a few years after rebuilding his mightily impressive star ship the Rebel fleet once again destroys his home and headquarters. And what did he do wrong? All we wanted to do was control the galaxy!