It probably gets boring staying up in towers and ordering serfs around when you’re living the life of a princess. Luckily you can always break the stereotypical princess mold and ditch Prince Charming for a life of adventure like these five movie princesses who didn’t need saving ended up doing.


Princess Monoke, “Princess Monoke”.

A warrior girl who has an all-powerful goddess for an adoptive mother makes San/Princess Mononoke a definite movie princess who won’t ever need saving. She’s not the daughter of a cuddly bunny goddess but the Wolf Goddess Moro and thus didn’t learn about hugs solving problems; instead she is a serious force to deal with thus making you the one who will probably need saving. Just watch her face down the boar god and his minions in "Princess Mononoke" as she watches over Ashitaka to glimpse her bravery under pressure.

Giselle, “Enchanted”.

Very few movie princesses would be able to give up a future with a prince in order to live with their true love in gritty New York city but Giselle does exactly that. Any princess that doesn’t fracture her sanity upon being kicked into a whole new unfamiliar world has some serious strength. Maybe you’re physically stronger than Giselle, but just ponder her ease at commanding street rats, roaches and other animals and think about how much help she’d really need if she sent those animals up someone’s pants.

Buttercup, “Princess Bride”.

A move princess that is willing to marry a seriously disturbed and evil Prince just for the off chance that the search party she has traded her future marital bonds for will find her true love isn’t a delicate flower. In the “Princess Bride”, Buttercup might be the object of many men’s attentions but she has the strength of her convictions to wait for Westley, along with the faith that he will find his way back to her. Bow before her mental strength as Buttercup doesn’t crack up once during the incredibly speech impaired wedding vows.

Princess Una, “Stardust”.

Being a slave for decades has yet to completely break Princess Una as he still has that spark of love and righteousness that continues to give her the strength to carry onward. Una doesn’t buckle under the heavy weight of being the peon of the witch Sal and as such the target of her bad moods and mean spirit in “Stardust”, she survives to live one more day until tomorrow truly does come. In a scene of true willpower, she goes after Yvaine by stealing her mistresses’ carriage thus committing to saving an innocent life while knowing that the repercussions could very well be fatal for herself, which makes her one of the strongest movie princesses around.

Rapunzel, “Tangled”.

Sure she is a bit of a shut-in but Rapunzel knows how to use both her hair and various household goods as weapons against all potential enemies. Toss in her hair’s healing abilities and this movie princess doesn’t need saving, just an immoral agent to help set up a private practice to heal billionaires. Watch her lay out Flynn like he was standing still when he first sneaks into her tower and you’ll understand the power that she holds as a princess in “Tangled”.