5 Movie Police Interrogations That Broke The Criminal

Friday, October 12 by Gregory Wakeman


Is there a scarier place than a police interrogation room? You’re either there because you’ve a) committed a crime that you are about to be put under increased pressure to divulge upon, b) you’re innocent and completely freaked out by your new surroundings or c) lost and just looking for a place to rest. It’s an unforgiving fortress that will more than likely break your spirit, and this is why it’s the perfect cinematic venue. Police proceedings and crime dramas often base their entire narratives around these scenes and here are 5 police interrogation scenes where the criminal was actually broken.

The Lives of Others



Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck’s 2006 feature film debut tells the tale of a Stasi agent’s secret monitoring of the burgeoning East Berlin cultural scene in 1984. It opens on office Gerd Wiesler interrogating an informer for days on end and as the offender rigorously sticks to his story it becomes clear that he is lying. He ultimately confesses in a grueling exchange.

LA Confidential



Russell Crowe became a Hollywood darling with his portrayal of Wendell White a bona-fide thug who looks to punish women-beaters. Alongside Guy Pearce’s Edmund Exley, they perfect the good cop bad cop routine, which sees White dangle a resistant informant out of window in the search for answers.

The Untouchables



Kevin Costner’s Eliot Ness and Sean Connery’s Jim Malone were always up against it trying to catch De Niro’s Al Capone in Brian De Palma’s gripping crime drama. So when Capone’s bookkeeper proves to be unresponsive to questioning Malone decides to grab an already dead assailant and shoots him again in the head to make the bookie more talkative. Ingenious.



Martin Scorsese’s classic plots the downfall of Henry Hill from his prominent gangster position. But once the police catch Hill and his vast drug empire it doesn’t take much for him to sing like a bird and rat out most of his friends and family. Treacherous leach.

The Secret In Their Eyes



This 2009 Argentine crime thriller won an Oscar and covers the story of a rape and murder case that took two decades to conclude. It isn’t pretty too, especially when several officers look to beat a confession out of two innocent men who worked in the vicinity of the crime.

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