There is no fun in a funeral. Oh wait, actually there is. But you’re not supposed to have a great time when you’re there, you’re meant to be solemn and evaluate your place on this earth whilst contemplating your memories of the person who died and now lies in front of you. It’s heavy stuff. Of course, movies are fraught with narratives that revolve around this emotional time? But they don’t always go according to plan. Here are 5 movie funerals that didn’t go the way they should have. 


“Death At A Funeral”

Frank Oz’s 2007 dark British comedy was remade in 2010 with an all-new cast, but each incarnation is as daft as the other. There’s a homosexual midget looking for recompense after a decade long affair, two warring sons who are looking to look after their grieving mother, and a drug addled imbecile who can’t keep his clothes on. It’s more like a party than a funeral.


“The Big Lebowski”

Poor Donny. Steve Buscemi’s wimp of a character dies in a fight, that he doesn’t actually throw a punch in, when he suffers a cardiac arrest in a bowling alley parking lot. Of course The Dude and Walter want to give him a great send off, but can’t afford a casket. So they throw his ashes off a cliff only for his remains to blow straight back in The Dude's face. Cannibals.



John Schuck’s ‘Painless Pole’ Waldowski is looking to kill himself due to his lack of prowess in the bedroom and the rest of his surgical hospital buddies decide to give him a helping hand. But they give him a sleeping pill rather than the poison he desires. He soon rediscovers his sexual touch though and everyone lives happily ever after. Well, except for those at war, that is.


“Grown Ups”

Coach Buzzer’s funeral in “Grown Ups” might be one of the most disgraceful scenes ever committed to celluloid. Firstly Rob Schneider sings completely out of tune, then Adam Sandler ridicules his efforts before the adoring crowd join in on his abuse of the poor soul. Also, David Spade is present and nobody wants that.


“The Dark Knight”

At Commissioner Loeb’s memorial parade, The Joker looks to murder the mayor but his plan is foiled when Gary Oldman’s Gordon shelters him with his body, supposedly dying in the process. Not the greatest way to send out a beloved city official, but then again Gotham City isn’t your regular city, is it?