When the big screen dictates the worst in human behavior, you know you're watching one of these five dictator movies. This dictator line up doesn't exclude fine acting as the largest names in Hollywood take on the lowest dictators in history. Question is, which movie dictator is the best at delivering the worst?


"Benito: The Rise and Fall of Mussolini" (2006). Italy's Prime Minister Benito Mussolini ruled the USSR between 1922 to 1943, as seen in this Antonio Banderas flick. The brutal dictator moves up in rank and leads the country's people into war resulting in his Fascist downfall. Banderas offers Mussolini a makeover of sorts, as this spell binding tale is more like a dictator's reality series.

"Saddam's Tribe: Bound by Blood" (TV 2007). The daughter of Saddam played a part in the tribe of this dictator-related film. There is one scene that "Scarface" fans will adore where a man opens fire with an automatic shooting in random at a club full of partiers. Saddam's character is view worthy. If looking for movies about Saddam's son check out "The Devil's Double" (2011), a movie with a Saddam Hussein's sadistic son and his body double twist.

"Fidel!" (2002). Victor Huggo Martin plays Cuba's dictator Fidel Castro. The beginning opens with a couple of drunk American service boys urinating in public on the town statue. Soon after, a man named Fidel Castro enters the storyline. The life of Fidel approaching power details the Cuban revolution and political career of Castro.

"Silmido" (2003). Communist North Korean dictator Kim II Sung was central focus of this true story. The basis of this flick involves the 1968 Korean Republic Army's assassination attempt on his life. For two long years, the soldiers trained under severe conditions both mentally and physically. Problem? The mission is scrubbed and so are the soldiers.

"Mao Zedong and Edgar Snow" (2000). The education brainwashing and press control forms this dictator's life, but the movie "Mao Zedong and Edgar Snow" delivers more coverage of a friendship between the dictator and an American journalist. An interesting take by a movie producer considering creating more movies of Mao Zedong" in the future.