Some people say a car can’t get you laid, these 5 movie cars prove those people wrong. When the gas ignites in hearts of these machines, there is not a person alive who can resist them.

The Pussywagon

The Bride’s stolen ride from “Kill Bill” this over the top truck is like cheap drugstore cologne. Not subtle, but you can’t ignore it.  The fact that it’s driven by a deadly blonde beauty doesn't hurt either.

The General Lee

The energizer bunny of movie cars, The General Lee has taken a beating that would have totaled most cars hundreds of times over. This pride of the south driven by “The Dukes Of Hazard” was a gasoline charged aphrodisiac for many southern women, and more than a few southern men as well.

Gran Torino

The old racist grandpa of this list is the “Gran Torino.” From the movie by the same name is a well kept American Classic.  Much like rolling around town in a 400 horse power copy of the bill of rights, this car will get any American revved up and ready to go.

The Tumbler

Batman’s main ride in “Batman Begins” is a rough brute of a machine.  Most women can resist a car, no woman can resist a car that shoots missiles and leaps from rooftop to rooftop. That’s just hard science.

THE NASCAR from “Talladega Nights”

Ricky Bobby’s main ride is so over the top that no woman could possibly resist it. With a mountain lion on its hood and a madman behind the wheel, this 200 MPH speedster is like catnip for the adoring fans of the nation’s most popular sport.