There’s nothing like summer camp to get the imagination going. Parents may send their children to overnight camp for eight weeks so they get a chance to remember what life was like before junior was on the scene. The kids get a chance to play sports and do other things that they can’t do during the school year. But sometimes the camp experience is nothing like it seems in the brochures. Here are 5 movie camps that no sane parent would ever send their children to.

"Friday The 13th" (1980)

The always attentive camp counselors at Camp Crystal Lake allowed little deformed camper Jason Voorhees (Ari Lehman) to drown back in 1957. Inevitably the camp was closed but it was during the summer of 1979 that new owners found a way to get the camp up and running again only to have their counselors getting chopped up by a machete-wielding maniac in a hockey mask. While that may work as a motivator to get running, your kid probably wouldn't have the stamina to survive.

"Sleepaway Camp" (1983)

Angela (Felissa Rose), an awkward and shy teenager, lives with her aunt following the death of her parents. One summer, Angela’s Aunt Martha (Desiree Gould) decides to send her to Camp Arawak but soon after Angela arrives a series of accidents and murders take place. As the campers wait to see who will be next, the tension rises until the surprise killer is finally revealed.

"The Burning" (1981)

A caretaker at camp named Cropsy (Lou David) gets badly burned in an accident. Cropsy is angry about his injuries, which nearly killed him and left him horribly disfigured. As a result, he is going to make those at the camp feel his anguish as he seeks his revenge against those he holds responsible for his burning.

"Cheerleader Camp" (1988)

Alison (Betsy Russell) joins her friends at Cheerleader Camp, but things start to go wrong almost immediately after she arrives. Girls are getting murdered at the camp and Alison's paranoia grows as she has nightmares that she may be involved in the accidents that take their lives.  Perhaps murder could be the perfect motivator for the girls to work on their cheers.

"Summer Camp Nightmare" (1987)


A relaxing summer is not what Mr. Warren (Chuck Connors) has in mind for the campers at Camp North Pines for Boys. He is a strict leader and wants things done his way. The boys have had enough and charismatic camper Franklin Reilly (Charlie Stratton) leads a revolt. The campers overthrow the counselors and then lead another overthrow of a nearby girls camp. Warren gets killed trying to escape and then the fun begins!