5 Movie Arguments Every Couple Has Actually Had

Thursday, August 30 by Lee Keeler


Movies are meant to be a form of escape, but nothing ruins a date night like watching a scene that's a stinging reminder of a true-to-life tiff with the partner seated next to you. From billionaire magnates to pizza delivery guys, no mortal heart can escape these inevitable celluloid skirmishes! Fear not, readers, for Screen Junkies has compiled the list that could save your very relationship!


The “Get a Life” Argument, "Do the Right Thing"


At some point in many relationships there are arguments about money. But few fingers point sharper than those of Rosie Perez, whose shrill misgivings could drive any man to get paid, fast. Perez’s performance is elemental in this movie–she dances like a goddess, loves like a mother, and rages like a harpy scorned for pizza.


The Traffic Argument, "The Incredibles"

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Even amidst chaos raining down around them and the world on their shoulders, the Incredibles take a moment out of saving the human race to bicker over the best freeway exit. This is a mandatory occurrence in a marriage, a ritual that speaks volumes over each spouse’s ability to trust their own judgement while equally doubting their partner’s with loving disdain.  


The “Whaddya Want From Me?” Argument, "Mean Streets"


Harvey Keitel’s Charlie is shoehorned between devotion to his uncle and his paternal instincts for his misanthropic best friend Johnny. Pushing himself to the limits of this situation, he realizes that he must snuff out the fire that has been building between himself and Johnny’s sister to appease both parties. It’s a moment of sacrifice that resonates in multiple real-life situations: from middle-school-summer-camp romances to embarrassing one-night stands. Your partner might expect more than he/she is going to get, and nobody wants to look like the mook in that situation.


The “We Never Go Anywhere Anymore” Argument, "Citizen Kane"


This scene simmers on low heat, with Kane’s growing distance from second wife Susan Alexander made readily apparent in both scope and dialogue. While this execution might seem elementary by today’s filmmaking standards, it remains a classic example of a partner who made an impulsive decision and couldn’t own up to the consequences. You couldn’t have just gotten her Jenga, dude?


The Unexpected Breakup, "Total Recall" (1990)

<a href='http://www.screenjunkies.com/tag/total-recall-524/' class='linkify' target='_blank'>Total Recall</a> l 6.jpg” src=”http://media1.break.com/breakstudios/2012/8/20/Total Recall l 6.jpg” /></p>
	First of all, it’s a great sadness to have to write a date next to an Arnold <span data-scayt_word=Schwarzeneggar movie title. Sure, Arnold’s breakup with Sharon Stone involves fighting an army of private sector goons in on a conspiracy to take all of the oxygen from Mars, resulting in a bullet to the face before announcing their divorce. But isn’t that metaphorically how all of us really feel the first time we get our hearts broken?

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