So you married the love of your life and now you've inherited a new family and a new mother. For some this just means more motherly love and advice, while for others this means avoiding an over-bearing know-it-all and possibly even attempts on your life. Granted it's not always this cut and dry and you may be having some trouble seeing the glass as half-full.  Well, that's where we come in. Here are 5 movies that will make you happy for your mother-in-law


"Hush" (1998)


Martha (Jessica Lange) is an obsessed mother-in-law with a country smile and a secret about farm instruments that could get a daughter-in-law killed. Martha doesn't share her son Jackson without a smooth southern psychotic fight. The story of Jackson's father is simple: He died after tripping on a farm instrument. For years Jackson blamed himself for his father's death. Helen, Jackson's pregnant wife, becomes confused over the mother-in-law's display of obsessive behavior. Helen then figures out an explosive secret about Martha that Jackson has no knowledge of. Martha soon realizes that Helen figured her out and so she jacks the pregnant Helen up with horse medication; enough to induce labor. The prize? A bouncing grandchild Martha can claim as her own. However, once the baby was born no one expected to see Helen wake up, let alone to share Martha's dirty secret to Jackson: that she was responsible for the death of Jackson's father. Now, that's pure evil! Jackson finds out the extent of his mother's unbalanced mental state and takes off with his new baby and Helen. A family which no longer includes Helen's dear sweet mother-in-law.


"Monster-in-Law" (2005)

"Monster-in-Law" can be defined as reality TV for some spouses. You may even have wanted to throw pie at your mother-in-law's face a time or two. Jane Fonda portrays the mother-in-law who does everything in her power to break up her son's engagement. She contacts an old lover of his, tries to sabotage innocent apparel, even presents the bride-to-be (Jennifer Lopez) with jewelry no one would be caught dead in, other than Flava-Flav. Without a doubt, this mother-in-law character is beautiful with a twist of evil. Although by the end, the flick turned out to be a feel-good movie. That's just Hollywood for you.


"Mother Knows Best" (1997)

Celeste Cooper (Joanna Kerns) is a mother-in-law who regrets setting her daughter up with an auto shop mechanic through a match-making ad response. The new husband never fits Celeste's approval. Cooper hires an ex-convict to rub out her daughter's husband and make it look drug related. Problem? The ex-convict sings like a canary before anyone is murdered. A set up sting was orchestrated with a mock murder and confirmation over carpet cleaning. An undercover cop exchanges the "fake" murder deed for cash payment and the mother-in-law is arrested for attempted murder. But even in prison the mother finds some way to convince herself that she's done nothing wrong. Creepy!


"The Governor's Wife" (2008)

This Lifetime movie is about the controlling manipulative world of Ann Danville (Marilu Henner), the Governor's wife. She'll do anything to keep her daugher-in-law from interfering with family business. Danville goes to major extents to keep from being exposed for her criminal acts: shooting a reporter to stop press research and even a farmer living close by. Near the end, the mother-in-law holds a shotgun as she's calling for her daughter while both daughter and daughter-in-law are trying to escape from another room. Psycho alert! The shrill of Henner's voice is horrific and most disturbing and she yells, "COME TO MOMMY!" The Governor's wife is shot in the chest at close range right when she points the gun at her daughter-in-law and tries to pull the trigger. This is one mother-in-law flick that is more, or less, mother-in-crime.


"Too Close To Home" (1997)

When a mother-in-law kills a son's wife, one can guess she lived too close to home. This mother-in-law (Judith Light) completes a series of evil acts to destroy a marriage. And when that doesn't work the mother-in-law hires thugs to take care of the son's wife. The daughter-in-law is murdered and the son, an attorney, must now defend his mother when she's accused of the crime. It's during the court proceedings that he soon finds out that his mother has an entirely different side to her with an arrest record, a previous child who died, and more. The thoughts of this kind of mother-in-law is definitely enough to make you happy for yours!