5 Memorable TV Drug Dealers

Thursday, January 26 by Helena Handbasket

Drugs Are Bad.jpg

As Mr. Mackey of South Park Elementary School would say, “Drugs are bad, mmmkay.” But there’s nothing wrong with getting your fix of cocaine, smack and marijuana through the mystical magic of television! The rule of thumb in TV Land is that every great drug-related storyline is led or supported by a very distinct and memorable character: the TV drug dealer. If you’re looking for good entertainment that defies the laws of reality without sending you to rehab, check out a few of these programs featuring five of the most memorable TV drug dealers.

Stringer Bell of The Wire.jpg

Stringer Bell, “The Wire. You have to admire a man with ambition. Stringer Bell on “The Wire” is a far cry from the stereotypical “Boys in Da’ Hood” thug-like TV drug dealers that we see these days. This guy is so motivated to succeed, it’s hard to look at him as a villain. Bell goes to community business college to perfect his drug dealing skills and could stand up to Trump in a full season of “The Apprentice”. His kind of thinking could really give the economy a boost in the worst way. Thank you, Stringer Bell, for being an inspiration to American drug dealers everywhere.

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