More than two-thousand years ago, the Mayan culture left behind a calendar with mysteries in carvings on stone. And for more than fifty years, movie masterminds have been trying to connect viewers to the Mayan symbols and culture that are said to predict the apocalypse. Here are five five-star, out-of-this-world end-of-the-world flicks.


"Apocalypto" (2006)

When viewing the unusual flick of ancient culture where human sacrifice forces heads to roll, a viewer can't help but to notice the eclipse scene which, ironic enough, got in the way of sacrificing one of the main characters, saving his life. The only thing "Apocalypto" delivers in prediction would be an outstanding storyline. Mel Gibson, director and writer of "Apocalypto," gave the audience more than just your run of the mill Mayan movie.


"Mayan Prophecies and Crop Circles" (2010)

With a running time of just under fifty-four minutes, this UFO TV documentary describes an alleged connection between Mayan prophecies, the Apocalypse, and the crop circles. Who would have guessed? Actually, end of the world predictions and mysteries should be at an all time high as December 2012 nears. Meaning, expect some surprises in film.


"2012" (2009)

Created John McClane, this well threaded Apocalypse related thriller packs more punch than you'd think. An end of the world fanatic warns of nature's deadly beauty before passing the main character (played by John Cusack) a map that saves his life - and lands him on the other side of the globe. The cataclysmic event swallows Earth as the only survivors are those inside of architecturally designed ships. And wouldn't you know it? Happy ending. Well, at least, for the most part. The Mayan angle is weak but well played by Roland Emmerich. Emmerich owned "Independence Day" and "The Day After Tomorrow" (among other end of the world flicks).


"Ancient Mysteries: Secrets of the Aztec Empire" (1996)

[[contentId: 2907440| id: 15875| alt: mayan-prophecy[4].jpg]]

A fifty minute running time of ancient exploration with a touch of questionable prediction. This short-doc is either a hit or miss with viewers since there are no super-explosive cataclysmic scenes. Aren't you curious about the secret world of Aztec culture even though they leave no mystery behind their wardrobe?


"Mayan Inca Aztec Egyptian prophecy of 2012" (YouTube)

The four part short-film expands further on things we already know. But what makes this shorty a little more appealing to watch than the rest? It's free and at your disposal at any given time. Bet that was just as predictable as the find of a "new" Mayan calendar suggesting "more" years to come.