5 Korean Romance Movies Any Film Lover Should See

Sunday, March 11 by Gregory Wakeman


Korea is the land of noodles, gold farming,  and Kim Jong-Il, well up until a few months ago anyway, but being on the precipice of nuclear annihilation is a scary process. The North may not be too happy, but South Korea is a happening place, and lots of great movies have come out of there, movies of all genres. Here is a list of five Korean romance movies that any film lover should see.

"Almost Love"


Kwon Sang-woo stars as Ji-hwan a part time stunt man who dreams of becoming the Korean Jackie Chan and one of his oldest friends is Dal-rae, an aspiring actress. When they start to date each other people their true feelings start to come out. 2006's "Almost Love" even made an impact on the global scene with American and English audiences falling in love with this original story. A perfect anecdote to schmaltzy Hollywood romances but with half the budget and more artistic creation in its opening minute.

"The Perfect Couple"


Choi Soo-jin and Kang Jae-hyuk fall in love after Choi, who is played by Hyun Young, accidently stabs a skewer into the side of detective Kang, who was chasing a criminal at the time. Soo-jin is a reporter who is then told to follow Kang and the duo begin to crackdown on drug dealers and also fall in love. A whimsical adventure whose unique story is perfectly crafted and surprising throughout.

"Lovers' Concerto"


This 2002 South Korean romantic melodrama deals with numerous themes that include friendship and jealousy as Lee Ki-hwan looks over photographs and is reminded of his relationship with two girls Shim Su-in and Kim Gyeong-heui over five years ago. The non-linear structure makes "Lovers' Concerto" a unique and riveting movie that people of any nation will love.

"My Sassy Girl"


This 2001 movie was as huge a hit as "Titanic," and its lovable plot of Gyen-woo meeting the unnamed girl of his dreams on a train platform after she almost falls onto the tracks and perishing. The film is rather unorthodox but the lead couples romance blossoms and it is impossible not to fall in love with them both to the point that some audience members have even tried to kiss the screens they are viewing it on.

"Millionaires First Love"


Regarded as one of the greatest Korean movies of all time and follows the classic "Lady and the Tramp" formula when a millionaire falls in love with an orphan. They are best friends as kids and there friendship disintegrates over time before at 19 she reveals she is dying. He says that he doesn't know her and is rude and obnoxious to her, but will she die as a pauper? With a compelling narrative throughout, it is well worth your time.

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