5 Italian Sex Scenes You Don?t Need A Translator To Understand

Wednesday, April 11 by Gregory Wakeman


Those pesky Europeans get all the luck. First of all they get to drink from an obscenely young age and not risk being ostracized or imprisoned by the locals for doing but full frontal nudity is encouraged. And luckily for those having a quick peek most Europeans are particularly attractive. So with Italian cinema having such a long and illustrious history for depicting the culture of the country, Italian movies are destined to be filled with nudity. And so they are. Here is a list of five Italian sex scenes you don't need a translator to understand.

"Viola di Mare"

Best Italian Lesbian Movies Viola di Mare

This Italian lesbian tale is a wonderful and uplifting fare that will make you contemplate moving to the south of Europe to be closer to the duo. One of the women decides to cut her hair and pretends to be a man in order to maintain their relationship and there is a plethora of nude scenes throughout. Translated as the Purple Sea, Valeria Solarino and Isabella Ragonese are the two lovers who will do anything to stay together and after watching the movie you can understand why.


italian sex malena.jpg

Monica Belluci has firmly established herself as one of the most actresses currently working in Hollywood. So it is always great to see that isn't scared to reveal the gifts that God gave to her in a variety of films with "Malena" showing the movie star working in a brothel and throwing herself at German soldiers. Alongside Belluci and her bosoms there is a large cast of Italian actors which includes Guiseppe Sulfarro, Luciano Federico and Matilde Piana with many of them getting a chance to see Monica in her natural beauty. A stunning, stunning woman.

"Le fate ignoranti"

italian sex le fate ignoranti.jpg

After finding out about her husbands affair, Antonia decides to visit her deceased spouses homosexual lover but soon finds that she too is interested in the world of Massimo's circle of gay and transgendered friends. Antonia begins to change drastically and soon the audience is treated to the true difference between the lovers which includes a mesmeric scene that contrasts the drama of new love and spousal sex. Exciting stuff.

"Ricordati di me"

italian sex ricordati di me.jpg

This 2006 erotic drama shows the character of Valentina have sex with numerous men as she auditions for a TV show. It is pretty racy stuff with many of the men looking disturbingly comfortable in the surroundings. "Remember Me My Love" tells the tale of the Ristuccia family each of whom are looking to hide something from everyone else which includes Carlo, who hopes to become a writer rather than continuing his employment at the insurance company and soon partakes in an extra marital affair with Alessia. And nudity soon ensues.

"Maldetto il giorno t'ho incontrato"

italian sex maledetto.jpg

The laundry room depicts an affair between a journalist and a confused young woman who have a particularly active sex life. One of the greatest sex scenes in Italian cinema history shows the two love birds perform coitus next to a washing machine and "Cursed be the day I met you" even features one of the main characters looking to write a biography of Jimi Hendrix. The sex scene is the best element though. 

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