Martin Luther King Jr. was born in Atlanta, Georgia under the name of Michael. But you knew that. Martin Luther King Jr. King debated his own skepticism involving Christianity. But you knew that too. What you may not know is how film stories of Martin Luther King Jr. is more detailed than a history book offers. Paul Greengrass attempted to film "Memphis" about MLK but the movie production was pulled due to "timely" issues. A buzz is surfacing that "Memphis" may reach the eyes of viewers during 2012. Until the release, enjoy these five inspirational Martin Luther King, Jr., films that define his trademark pioneer peaceful protests.

"The Rosa Parks Story"

Dexter Scott King, Martin's son, portrayed his father respectfully with overwhelming praise. "The Rosa Parks Story" starring Angela Bassett and co-starring Dexter, carries the turning point of civil rights in Montgomery, Alabama. King takes center stage after Rosa refuses to abide segregation laws. Starting point? The bus employee asks Rosa to remove from her seat so that a white person can sit down. She does not comply then is arrested. This begins the bus boycott of 1955. Dexter Scott does a fine job portraying his father. TV first gave viewers a taste in 2002 with the release of this television movie.


In the movie "JFK" (directed by Oliver Stone) the character of Martin Luther King, Jr., upholds the essence of his message - freedom. In an outstanding performance, Kevin Costner portrays Attorney Jim Garrison. Garrison wants to take on the government when it comes to the murder of John F. Kennedy. Re-opening wounds takes on another foul taste - the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. at a fragile time in America. The King character does not appear throughout the movie but when this flick replays history, Martin can be inspiring.

"King: The Martin Luther King Story".

The 1978 three-part miniseries called "King: The Martin Luther King Story" highlights the accomplishments of religious leader Martin Luther King. This movie defines King from the time of his first protest in Montgomery, Alabama to his murder in Memphis, Tennessee. The civil rights movement struggles until Martin takes the reigns. But he is killed by a bullet during his finest days of active involvement within the civil rights community. Paul Winfield does an incredible job portraying King.

"Legacy of a Dream", the story of MLK.

"Legacy of a Dream" not only has a decade list in accomplishments by Rev Martin Luther King, Jr., but also is narrated by no other than James Earl Jones. With a short-running time of twenty-nine minutes, the documentary will leave a civil rights impression on viewers. Martin Luther King, Jr., set his goals for racial equality. And as you'll see, he is king of his word. One of the shortest yet to the point Martin Luther King movies (a.k.a. documentaries) released.

Smithsonian "MLK" Documentary

When archive cabinets are packed with old footage and accounts of one of the most harsh times in U.S. history, it is the perfect time to merge and surge. The Smithsonian did just that in an incredible documentary film centered on Martin Luther King. The documentary also includes new footage at Memphis, King's final destination. The doc allows viewers to be very aware of the 1968 surroundings of King's death. Catch this short-film as it is under the category of the Smithsonian Channel.