Movie fans often invent their theories about the way people should interpret their favorite creations. They take great pleasure in explaining their own thoughts and ideas to an often-bored audience. But which insane movie theories are actually pretty interesting? Check out these five insane movie theories that almost make sense.



Historians and film critics have often debated whether the crazy antics of Aladdin, Jasmine and the Genie actually took place in the future rather than the past. This all comes down to the fact that the Genie does impressions of Groucho Marx and Jack Nicholson, who weren't around in the earlier part of the millennium. He also refers to Aladdin’s clothes as “so third century” too. What else should he be wearing in a desert? It’s worth thinking about.

“James Bond”


Could it be that James Bond isn’t actually a single person, but several people who are all floating around the world saving the day under the same pseudonym at the same time? Or maybe it's just that each time he is bumped off, another agent has to come in and take the moniker of "Bond, James Bond". It's clear that Timothy Dalton is the greatest incarnation anyway.

“Forrest Gump”


What about if Forrest Gump Jr. wasn’t actually Forrest’s child and Jenny just wanted to take advantage of the former soldier’s newfound wealth from his Bubba Shrimp business? Surely she wouldn't do that to the dimwitted Forrest? Actually, she was quite psychopathic, and this action would just confirm to us all how much of bitch Jenny really was. 

“Taxi Driver”


Did Travis Bickle die at the end of “Taxi Driver”? Was his final taxi fare just his version of heaven? It would make sense, as it is a bit overly happy at the end considering Robert De Niro's Travis had just killed at least a dozen people whilst saving a prostitute. Let's hope that he's still not got his driver's license and is off the roads for good.

“Reservoir Dogs”, “Kill Bill”, “Pulp Fiction”, “Inglorious Basterds”, etc.


Do all of these films take place inside the same world? A world where Adolf Hitler was killed by a group of rogue American soldiers, the Khuna Burger is bigger than McDonalds, Mr Blonde and Vincent Vega are brothers, and everyone smokes Red Apple cigarettes: it sounds perfect. Clearly everyone would be much funnier than in our stupid reality!