If you're tired of the typical box office fare, feel free to check out the offerings from IFC films. A wide mix of genres and storylines mean there are new discoveries to love and to hate just waiting for you to take a peek. Explore on your own or save some time and dive into these choice selections.

"Valhalla Rising"

Brutal, stark and beautiful sum up "Valhalla Rising" and still leave space for your own adjectives. A slave fights in gladiator matches for his owner's delight but then freedom comes and the Holy Crusade calls. The twist is not just a game changer, but it also changes your perspective as you get to see a version of what it would feel like to arrive in a foreign land in those times. Come for the fighting and stay for the perspective.

"The Good, The Bad and The Weird"

There are times when a cast complements each other because they are pieces of a larger puzzle, and they fit together perfectly, thus creating a whole movie. This film has plenty of odd shaped pieces, but with the skills a small child learning about puzzle solving, they get mashed together and pounded upon until all the pieces fit in their own crushed way. The Korean film "The Good, The Bad and The Weird" has a cast that goes after each other with a copious amount of mistrust, energy and strategy, and they make one heck of a movie. There's no perfect place to set this movie in, as it is equal parts chase, mystery, comedy and buddy film. Amalgamations like this either end up in the garbage or being sung to the heavens, so practice your high notes because this is worthy of a good old-fashioned yodeling.

"I Sell the Dead"

Grave robbing is a dirty job. A dirty, funny job for the two main characters. Throw in a not-so-holy priest, a rival grave robbing family that offers some stiff competition, and the supernatural, and "I Sell the Dead" becomes the kind of movie you want to make sure everyone you know that likes to laugh gets to see. Future villains should study Ron Perlman's performance for tips on subtle villainy as well as how to carry off over the top evil. This is a film that begs for a sequel just to see what else could come from the mind behind it.


Writing the word "creepy" a thousand times and leaving many fill in the blank spaces for your own expletives still wouldn't give "Antichrist" its due. The performance by Willem Dafoe is enough to recommend this movie but it has so much more to offer. The isolated setting starts the trickery as you're led into a bucolic frame of mind. But then, the trickery starts. This film has plenty of twists and horrific little events to keep even the most jaded horror fan happy. This is one of the movies where you have to have a solid, long running friendship to recommend it to any of your friends or else they might start taking up the habit of walking backwards when leaving a room where you are.

"Dead Snow"

Nazi zombies playing in the snow. This is a nice little horror film which capitalizes on the lack of guilt anyone would feel from killing a Nazi or a zombie by blending the two genres together. It will probably take a full scale actual alien invasion before Nazis take a back burner in horror films but until then, you'll have "Dead Snow" to watch. A good amount of fright mixed with the classic power of friends in an isolated location and an interesting jumping off origin make this film worthy of being seen more than once.

- Matthew Langenfeld