Should your misdeeds land you some home-based punishment, you have the option of being mopey or taking it as an adventure to try out every single food delivery service in ten miles. There is the other side where bad things happen and that’s where these five house arrest movies that will make you feel trapped end up landing.



Under house arrest for punching out a teacher for one of the few justifiable reasons available, Kale dives into the “Rear Window” practice of investigating his neighbors as a source of entertainment. Homebound adventures ensue as Kale discovers a potential serial killer and a new girlfriend, though sadly they aren’t the same person. Past the cat and mouse game, the best scene has to be the two little thugs and their dog-infused torture of Kale.


“Black Snake Moan”

Probably not strictly government approved, the chain most assuredly works much more efficiently than some frilly little ankle bracelet that you’d end up spending all your time under house arrest bedazzling like a champ. For a film that involves a near death beating, a radiator, and some good old-fashioned false imprisonment, “Black Snake Moan” ends up being one of the more heartwarming house arrest movies you’ll ever see. When Samuel Jackson pulls Christina Ricci back off her feet via a tug of war, you might want to choose jail time over home sweet home.


“100 Feet”

After her husband’s death at her hands, a woman gets sentenced to house arrest in the same house she found personal justice in and then it gets spooky. With the occasional chill buried under a ton of goofiness and clichés, this house arrest film will make you feel trapped if you paid more than a buck or two for it. The best threat, barring a pact with Satan, by those dying is normally that their ghost will come back and watch you whenever you’re naked, but “100 Feet” takes it to the next level with the dead husband watching from the ceiling as his widow gets amorous.


“The Nines”

Actor, arsonist, and bad idea enthusiast Gary ends up being placed under house arrest due to a colossal breakdown. As he putters around the new house, his last one having burned down, Gary finds evidence pointing him towards a life centered on the number nine. The publicist, played by the excellent Melissa McCarthy, talks Gary down after his first strange experience in the house with the weirdest blend of sarcasm, sincerity, and false sincerity that actually heightens the imprisoning feel of this house arrest in “The Nines.”


“House Arrest”

Ah the 90's, when false imprisonment just felt like the right way to solve a problem. In “House Arrest” the family Beindorf is about to split up and the kids decide that rather than mow lawns and sell lemonade to send their parents to therapy they lock them in the basement to let the healing begin. The plan grows more elaborate as other sets of fighting parents get introduced to the basement as more goofiness and neighborhood characters get thrown into the mix. If you make it past T.J. installing a more secure door to the basement then you deserve to feel trapped, unloved, and headed towards permanent facial tics as this flick will do damage to you if you’re over the age of 10.