Ah, the tomboy. What man hasn't fallen victim to their curious allure? Not only do they share all your interests (football, brews, headbutting), but they have all the added-value content of being sexy and attainable. These wonderful creatures are all-to-rare in the real world, but in the movies we have plenty of 'em. Here are five movie tomboys that will make you want to be a better tomman (we're not sure what this means but just go with it).

Katherine Hepburn Ol' K-Hep went from being a real-life tomboy as a child to being a pretty sexy movie tomboy in many of her most famous films. In an era when women were expected to behave (and dress) as well-behaved vixens at all times, Hepburn was wearing pants and yuking it up with the boys, which is of course the essence of sexy tomboy-ness.

Queen Christina, "Queen Christina" Greta Garbo, at the height of her sexy androgyny, portrays Queen Christina of Sweden as a woman torn between her duty to her country and her desire to follow her heart. More importantly to the movie's enduring popularity is the sexy way in which Garbo subtly implies the real Queen Christina's bisexuality, dressing like a man and at one point passionately kissing her co-star playing Ebba Sparre, a friend of the queen's.

Jordan O'Neil, "GI Jane" Demi Moore famously shaved her head to play the first woman to join the U.S. Navy Special Warfare Group. But that's not where her sexy tomboy qualities end: Picked for the public relations program in part because of her "feminine qualities," O'Neil quickly distinguishes herself as someone who can kick ass just as well as any man (better than most men, come to think of it). And there's nothing sexier than a woman who could probably beat you up, is there?

Slim, "To Have and Have Not" OK, so Lauren Bacall in "To Have and Have Not" is more of a "Hawksian woman" (named for the type of female character director Howard Hawks had a proclivity for) than a tomboy, if you want to be strict about it. But you wanted sexy, right? There's little sexier than Slim, who despite her somewhat masculine nickname and sexy demeanor is able to hold her own with a bunch of tough guys, including none other than Humphrey Bogart.

Lisbeth Salander, "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" One of the most famous characters to come from the world of literature in recent years is something of a tomboy. Lisbeth certainly doesn't behave in any preconceived "acceptable" way—her sexual behavior in particular is as unorthodox as it is sexy! Her no-nonsense attitude toward sex is stereotypically masculine, as is her non-nonsense attitude toward every other aspect of life. Except for her hair, that's kind of non-sensical.