5 Heroic Quotes From Movies Every Man Should Know

Tuesday, April 24 by Frost


From the imaginary green to the based on actual human beings, heroism rings true when the action behind the act is as true as the words. Stand a little straighter and stop slouching your shoulders as you put to memory these five heroic quotes from movies every man should know.

“Good. Bad. I’m the guy with the gun.” from “Army of Darkness”.

Army of Darkness

Taking Occam’s Razor to the moral implications of the battle between Good Ash and Bad Ash, Bruce Campbell’s character makes it clear that you don’t bring a book on philosophy to a gunfight. It’s a heroic quote that every man should know because it simplifies any existential anguish you might have as you grapple with your own personal demons to the bare fact that whichever of your halves has the mental or physical superiority then that is the side that is going to win. Watch other men cry at drum circles and follow patchouli-reeking bands around while you know that “Army of Darkness” has given you the insight to go be your own hero.

“Oh, good. For a moment there I thought we were in trouble.”, “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Against sizeable odds, even greater as Butch and Sundance have not realized that the Bolivian army has shown up to reinforce the local police, Butch is able to crack wise in the face of death. You can die quietly; you can die whimpering but to die laughing as you go into the great beyond is meaningful and special. “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” delivers to you the perfect heroic quote for when you’re outnumbered or up against the figurative wall.

“That was Gary Cooper, assh**e”, “Die Hard”.

Die Hard

It shouldn’t matter if terrorists have your wife or favorite hamster, you cannot let villains reference American icons, especially Western movie heroes. Whether it’s correctly referencing long dead silver screen legends or enforcing the public tickle torture of litterers, you need to stand up for truth and justice just like John McClane in “Die Hard”. A strong lesson on what happens to evildoers who lack a solid base in movie trivia.

“Life’s like a movie, write your own ending.”, “The The Muppet Movie

He may be a Muppet but this heroic quote from Kermit the Frog gets to the humanity of us all. Shrug off destiny and tell fate to keep on walking as “The Muppet Movie” has taught you to carve out your own path when things don’t turn out the way you desire. Pick a solid cast, rely on humor and not violence to solve problems and always remember that you’re in charge of what your ending looks like.

“I could have got more out. I could have got more. I don’t know. If I’d just…I could have got more.”, “Schindler’s List”.

Schindler's List

A man who went against a terrible force and survived only to regret those he wasn’t able to save from the Nazis is truly a man whose words should be held up as the utmost in heroic sayings. Oskar Schindler put his life on the line to save lives knowing that he could be discovered at any moment and then placed with those he was rescuing to die, as they would have without him. “Schindler’s List” shows that a hero never grows comfortable or complacent with his actions but is ever alert to his missteps and perceived failings.

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