If you're a fan of the Windy City and are missing it a bit, don't worry because there are five great movies in Chicago that will have you singing, laughing and glued to the screen. These movies set in Chicago prominently feature the city and really capture its attitude, history and famous sights.

"The Blues Brothers."

Chicago is known for blues music and "The Blues Brothers" perfectly captures that. Starring John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd as two paroled convicts who decide to do something good by saving the orphanage that they grew up in. To do so, they must get their band, The Blues Brothers, back together again and raise a few thousand dollars. Along their journey, the two men make some enemies, perform a lot of great music and get themselves into some hilarious situations. The movie really sings with the presence of James Brown, Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles. Wrigley field, the Daley Centre and East 95th Street Bridge are just some of the famous Chicago sights that you'll see in the movie.

"Ferris Bueller's Day Off."

Released in 1986, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" is a cult favorite that you can watch over and over again. It's a movie of silliness about a high school brat, accompanied by his best friend and girlfriend, who decides to ditch school for a day and spend it in downtown Chicago. Today Ferris' economic teacher's roll call of "Bueller?...Bueller?...Bueller?" is mimicked by young men everywhere. Besides downtown Chicago, many of the scenes were shot in the Chicago suburbs of Northbrook and Highland Park.

"The Dark Knight."

The critically acclaimed film "The Dark Knight" stars the fantastic Christian Bale as Batman, a flawed superhero forced to overcome his own insecurities to save Gotham City. Chicago stands in as Gotham City. The iconic shot of Batman, high above while surveying city below and then shooting straight down, was shot at the Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower). Other Chicago sights shown in the movie include the Trump Tower, Navy Pier, Daley Plaza and the Chicago Theatre

"Road to Perdition."

Besides its music and skyline, Chicago is also famous for its organized crime history. "Road to Perdition" is not a documentary about Chicago's organized crime but is a fictionalized account of a 1930s mob enforcer and his son as they try to flee town to avoid becoming  next on the hit list. This beautifully shot movie was filmed in numerous Chicago neighborhoods, and nearby cities such as Evanston, Geneva and East Chicago are also featured.

"High Fidelity."

"High Fidelity" doesn't have the superheroes, raunchy comedic scenes or intense action scenes that movies nowadays rely too much on to make an impression with audiences. What the movie does have is simply great storytelling and acting. A forlorn Rob Gordon, played by John Cusack, goes through everyday life while working in a record store and pondering what went wrong with his past relationships. Chicago, with its grit and large urban landscape, is the perfect setting for a movie about a man lost in his life.