These movies from Netflix are perfect for subscribers who want to enjoy a good film. Netflix is an instant streaming service that provides DVD and Blu-ray media by mail. Whether through streaming, DVD or Blu-ray discs, movies from Netflix are an inexpensive alternative to movie tickets or high monthly cable or satellite fees.



Netflix provides their subscribers with the newest hits. One of the most popular movies from Netflix is “Kick-Ass,” a big 2010 hit. Those who missed this blockbuster in the theaters were happy to find this movie available in the instant streaming service. The superhero film stars Aaron Johnson at Kick-Ass himself, Nicolas Cage as the mysterious Big Daddy and the wonderful Chloe Moretz as the young but deadly Hit-Girl.



“Above the Law”

Netflix also has an impressive collection of older hits for those who may have missed them the first time around or would like the opportunity to enjoy viewing them once more. “Above the Law” a great action flick from the late '80s. It features a young Steven Seagal, less of the tire around the waist and minus the double chin. The movie was also released during a time when it was actually cool to be a fan of this kooky Aikido expert. Male audiences should also be quick to spot a young and nubile Sharon Stone.



“Love and Other Drugs”

Netflix is definitely the way to go for cheap date nights. There are literally hundreds of romantic comedies, dramas or tearjerkers your girlfriend or wife would enjoy. Generally, the most recent releases are only made available through DVD or Blu-ray. “Love and Other Drugs” is a fairly new romantic hit top-billed by Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway. It is not yet available through streaming. Those planning to enjoy this film with their significant other should take note that since discs are delivered through the mail, it does take a few days for your movie to arrive.



"The Secret of NIMH"

With so many quality children's movies from Netflix, the service is also a great way to keep children preoccupied. During those times when there is nothing worthwhile on television, subscribers can easily hook up their laptops or compatible gaming devices to their big screen television and stream these family friendly movies. "The Secret of NIMH" may be an old animated flick, but this gem is a cool classic that children and adults can watch together. This enjoyable film is about a widowed field mouse who must move her family or meet certain death.



"The Crazies"

The hundreds of horror movies from Netflix are perfect for those who love a good scare. Older classics are available, of course, but subscribers who want the latest thrills and chills may want to consider picking up “The Crazies.” Based on George Romero's 1973 release, this remake features Timothy Olyphant and Rahda Mitchell. The couple live in a small, quiet town that inexplicably gets contaminated by a strange biologica weapon. One by one, the townsfolk start acting strange and ultimately become insane. Filled by an insatiable blood-lust, they wander around butchering others.