The only thing that can compare to Friday nights under the lights is watching great high school football movies for fall. The smell of chalk in the air, the blaring of the marching band, and the memorable sports highlights that are sure to come are all recognizable game night symbols. But what really make these five movies enjoyable are the stories that take place during the week, between the games.

"Friday Night Lights"

This ode to gridiron desire became an instant classic upon its release and laid claim to being one of the great high school football movies ever. The movie is timeless and draws in anyone that has ever played the game in front of family and friends or played the game for potential dates with cheerleaders the following weekend. This movie accurately depicts the pressures these players are under from their community and their parents. However with high hopes and dreams, these athletes don gladiator gear every weekend and do their best to "git ‘er done."

"Remember the Titans"

This inspirational film qualifies as one of the great high school football movies for fall on the basis of its historical significance. Inspired by a true story, the movie covers the integration of a Virginia school district, as well as its high school football team. The matter is complicated when an African-American head coach, played by Denzel Washington, replaces the head football coach. Ultimately the players, both black and white, bond under Washington’s tutelage and learn that the lessons of teamwork and camaraderie on the football field can apply to broader aspects of life as well.

"All the Right Moves"

This movie is "Flashdance" for the sports fanatic. A young Tom Cruise stars a Stefen Djordjevic, a young defensive football player living in a Pennsylvania steel town with nothing but dreams of getting out. A high stakes rivalry game, as well as a big mouth and bad attitude on his part, temporarily derails his college ambitions. As his friends watch their own dreams sparkle and fade, Cruise bides his time until he finally gets his scholarship and the promise of a chance at a new life.

"The Blind Side"

This uplifting movie covers all of the seasons in its depiction of real life NFL player Michael Oher. From his humble beginnings in the projects to his being adopted by the Tuohy family, this movie makes you smile. Its message of what can be overcome with love and hard work sounds sappy on paper but rings with enough heart and honesty on screen to bring a tear to your eye. More high school players might be easily motivated if all moms looked like Sandra Bullock in this movie.


Back-to-school time means being back amongst friends, football and good times. One way to share a laugh is watching one of the great high school football movies for fall. Featuring Goldie Hawn, a young Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes, along with a pre-Bubba Gump Mykelti Williamson, this flick keeps the chuckles coming. Goldie Hawn playing a coach trying to teach touch delinquent Chicagoan kids how to play football is definitely worth the price of admission.