"Hostel” reminded all movie lovers of just how brutal a film can be, and movies like “Hostel” have continued the trend. Whether it’s horrific scenes of torture, buckets of blood, or evil villains so cruel they make Hellraiser look like an adorable puppy, these movies bring a whole new meaning to the word horror.



Possibly the trendsetter in graphically ultra violent movies,  “Saw” spawned an empire. As the sadistic serial killer Jigasw punished his victims, “Saw” left the camera in sharp focus when other movies would have pulled away, instantly creating a horror classic and helping to define the genre of “torture porn.”

Hostel 2

“Hostel 2” upped the ante in ways most movies fear.  By showing the murder's path to the killing, Eli Roth pushed the boundaries of what horror movies can do, will do, and must do. And in doing so he shocked a generation and influenced numerous filmmakers to push the limits.


While “Audition” may not seem like “Hostel,” the last twenty minutes of this Japanese masterpiece will earn its place on this list. Taking the slow methodical approach, this cult classic gives a new meaning to creepy and will haunt anyone dating a woman for the rest of their life.

The Human Centipede

What do you get when you mix one part campy movie, two parts demented mad scientist, and four parts pure insanity? “The Human Centipede” takes shocking bloody horror to new heights with its disgustingly demented story. Those with weak stomachs need not apply to see this gory and shocking—not-to-mention poorly acted—horror flick.


Korea’s entry into the genre comes with the excellent film “Oldboy.” Although the gore is left to a minimum in majority of the film, the final five minutes culminate in an act of self mutilation so full of bloody and shocking you'd be hard pressed not to consider the movie brutal to watch as a whole.  All of this just so happens to also be encased in what can easily be called one the best movies of the past decade, making “Oldboy” a must-see for any fan of the shock genre.