5 Futuristic Movies That Have Already Happened

Tuesday, December 27 by Joshua Wade

“Things to Come”

Things to Come movie.jpg

Released in 1936 and written and directed by iconic science fiction author H.G. Wells, “Things to Come” follows the world in the wake of a global war that breaks out in 1940. In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past hundred years, this is a movie that came out 4 years before the outbreak of World War II… in 1940. Aside from causing everyone who saw it to shit their pants, “Things to Come” also predicted the ensuing collapse of Western Civilization, as well as the use of chemical weapons. While the zombie-like “Wandering Sickness” isn’t real (despite what you think you’re feeling after an episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta”) one can’t help but wonder if Hitler was sitting in the back of some theatre in Germany taking notes.



A TV executive finds a bizarre, horrifying show (sadly not “Dancing with the Stars”) and, with dollar signs in his eyes,  chooses to air the show only to find himself unable to separate what is real from what is not. Released in 1983, the film introduced concepts like Pay-Per-View, video on demand, and even YouTube. It turns out that watching the show gives the viewer a brain tumor, a plan by the government to kill off the brain-dead morons of North America—something you might want to consider next time you feel like sitting down to that “America’s Next top Model” marathon.

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