5 Futuristic Movies That Have Already Happened

Tuesday, December 27 by Joshua Wade

“Real Life”

Real Life.jpg

Leave it to comedian Albert Brooks to make one of the funniest, if not one of the most unfortunate futuristic movies that have already happened when he wrote a movie about the absurdities of reality television. While the film wasn’t exactly futuristic (it was set in 1979) it did predict what would soon be one of the worst genres in television—reality TV. Like the mindless trash that is “Jersey Shore,” Brooks stirs up trouble for the Yeager family in his “documentary” about a real family whose lives are captured on camera 24 hours a day using futuristic technology in the form of cameras that fit over the operator’s heads like Cyclops-like helmets. One can only hope that “Jersey Shore” will end the same way as “Real Life,” with a dead horse and the family’s house being engulfed in flames.

“Minority Report”

<a href='http://www.screenjunkies.com/tag/minority-report/' class='linkify' target='_blank'>Minority Report</a> tom cruise.jpg” /></p>
<p>Name your favorite <a href=sci-fi toy and chances are, it was in “Minority Report.” The movie follows a detective in the future who uses the technology of the day to solve crimes before they occur, which might seem like a wild idea if not for the fact that it’s coming true. Not only do we have cars that can pilot themselves and computers that can be operated with a wave of the hand (does the Kinect for your Xbox suddenly seem familiar?) but now the Criminal Reduction Utilizing Statistical History (CRUSH) software developed by IBM can actually predict when and where a crime is likely to occur. So the next time you’re thinking about killing that bitch of a wife for her insurance money, don’t.

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