5 Futuristic Movies That Have Already Happened

Tuesday, December 27 by Joshua Wade

2001 a space odyssey.jpg

Downright scary in their predictions, these futuristic movies featured storylines or ideas that have given way to everything from the monstrosity that is reality television, to giving NASA a freaking how-to manual on space travel. Mesmerizing, ground breaking, and sometimes just plain sad when considering what they eventually accomplished, these films were genius in their scope, if not completely overlooked.

“Destination Moon”


One of the first, and best examples of futuristic movies that have already happened, the 1950 film “Destination Moon” eerily predicted the effects of space travel on astronauts, perfectly depicted rockets taking off and leaving the atmosphere, and showed what walks on the moon would eventually look like (with every sequence obeying Newtonian physics, no less) almost 20 years before man ever stepped foot on the moon. Not only does the moon look like a mirror image of a damn NASA photo, but the film’s premise of a group of private investors banding together to fund a mission to the moon strangely reflects the growing commercial interest in space. The writer’s second film, about an Austrian actor who becomes the governor of California and eventually ruler of the world, mysteriously vanished.

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