Being a hopeless romantic is a kind of a curse. You always want the two people in love to end up together. You always want the good guy to get the girl, and the bad guy to get what he deserves. Well in a perfect world, this could be possible, but not in reality. To feed the hopeless romantic inside of you, watch any of these seven forbidden love movies for any couple.

1.    "Titantic"

Rose is a wealthy young girl living in one of the biggest apartments in the Titanic with her family and her wealthy fiance, Caledon. Jack didn't even buy his ticket for the Titanic, he won it during a poker game and resides in the cheapest rooms in the Titanic with three other roommates. The two meet when Rose is contemplating suicide by jumping off the ship until Jack convinces her not to jump and saves her when she almost falls over. It's practically love at first sight. The two sneak around the ship until her family finds out--but that doesn't stop them.

2.    "Brokeback Mountain"

"Brokeback Mountain" is a beautiful story of forbidden love between two men, a ranch head (Heath Ledger) and a rodeo cowboy (Jake Gyllenhal). After one night of a steamy sexual experience between the two which was only supposed to be one time thing. But instead, it accelerated into a life long friendship and secretive love. The film was nominated for eight Academy Awards, each one well deserved. This beautiful story between the two gorgeous men will leave you reaching for a box of tissues and your partner at the end of it.

3.    "Cruel Intentions"

Sebastian (Ryan Phillipe) is not your average sex-crazed hot teenager. He's much more devious and can get any girl into bed without a problem. Annette (Reese Witherspoon) is a celibate good girl, waiting for 'the one'. When Sebastian finds out about her plan to be celibate, he strikes a deal with his sexy step sister played by Sarah Michelle Gellar. If he gets her into bed before the new school year, he gets to have Sarah Michelle any way he wants. But if he loses, she gets to keep his most prized possession, his 1956 Roadster. Annette turns out to be a game-changer for Sebastian and he falls in love with the girl that will make him lose the one thing he loved before her.

4.    "Get Real"

"Get Real" is a 1998 British drama movie about two young schoolboys who fall in love. Steven (Ben Silverstone) is a nerdy, kind introvert while John (Brad Gorton) is a sports star and the school's head boy. Both of them fall in love, but cannot come out of the closet because of the consequences, in school and at home. The two carry on a secretive relationship, but keeping it hidden is bittersweet for the both of them. It shows how many teens face coming out in our society  and especially how difficult it is in high school where you can't love who you want to love.

5.    "Tristan & Isolde"

"Tristan & Isolde" is another movie of forbidden love great for any couple to watch. Tristan (James Franco) is a warrior in the British army. After he is presumed dead by his countrymen, he is shipped off in a boat for his funeral. Actually he is just paralyzed by a poison sword used on him in battle. He ends up on the Irish shore (enemy shore), where he is rescued by sweet, beautiful Isolde to nurses him back to health. The two don't even exchange names, but they fall in love and spend many days and nights together. When Tristan returns to Ireland for a peace treaty, he wins the King's daughter's hand in marriage for his King. So Isolde marries the King, but still carries on her forbidden love with Tristan.