5 First Roles of Famous Actors

Saturday, November 12 by Jason Cuthbert

First Roles of Famous Actors

Although it may seem like these five famous actors jumped out of the womb with "Hollywood Superstar" already scribbled on their birth certificates, they all had to begin somewhere. In many cases, a new actor will begin his career as an extra in the background of horror movies. The great thing about the 'blood and gore' genre is that it does not require the star power of an A-list actor for it to be successful–the spectacle of high-concept scares tends to be enough. Going over this list of actors might inspire aspiring actors to not be so quick to turn down that local low-budget horror movie being shot by a film student.

First Roles Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp – "A Nightmare On Elm Street"  Fortunately for Johnny Depp, out of all of these famous actors, his first movie role was in the most successful and acclaimed horror film of the bunch. Depp was able play a pessimistic teen that gets to duke it out with the merchant of miserable dreams–Freddy Krueger. This film makes a lot of sense for Depp, being that he would go on to dominate the silver screen in many other bloody gothic films such as: "Sleepy Hollow", "From Hell" and "Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street." Ironically, Johnny Depp also played another metallic-fingered film character like Freddy Krueger, but much more gentle in the classic "Edward Scissorhands."

First Roles Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio – "Critters 3" Before Leonardo DiCaprio got to turn dreams into nightmares as Cobb in "Inception" or reenact the life of the first director of the FBI in "J. Edgar", Dicaprio's first feature film role was fighting fuzzy aliens in "Critters 3." Leonardo DiCaprio played the son of a slumlord whose apartment building became Ground Zero for an infestation much worse than roaches and bed bugs. These rowdy creatures are like a cross between furry "Gizmo" and demonic "Stripe" from the movie "Gremlins", with the same comedy/horror hybrid. DiCaprio made his mark and clearly had better things to do afterwards than to return for "Critters 4."

First Roles Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks – "He Knows You're Alone" Tom Hanks is known to keep the laughter coming ("Big", "Forrest Gump") and the eyes watering ("Cast Away", "Philadelphia")–but no so much the blood dripping. This low-key horror movie takes a few cues from "Halloween", which was released two years earlier. Hanks has a very small part, but at least his character has a name, "Elliot", instead of something like "guy screaming" or "victim #1." This bride-killing surreal killer slasher film may not have become a franchise, or even very profitable, but Tom Hanks' second movie role was in the hit mermaid comedy "Splash" so redemption came quickly. 

First Roles Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston – "Leprechaun" About a year before Jennifer Aniston became known for her popular television series "Friends", she shared her first film with an evil gold-chasing killer troll. She played the role of Tory, who along with her father, rent a farmhouse for the summer and find themselves in deep horse manure when their agricultural paradise begins to have a slight leprechaun problem. Anniston has definitely come a long way from her first role, fighting off a Santa's elf look-alike to making multi-millions as the go-to actress for romantic comedies.

First Roles Dana Carvey

Dana Carvey – "Halloween II" Although the name Dana Carvey brings about the hilarious image of The Church Lady on "Saturday Night Live", Carvey actually had begun a movie career prior to his tremendous television fame on that impeccable comedic skit factory. Before co-staring in "Wayne's World" with Mike Myers, Carvey co-starred with Michael Myers, the silent pail-masked murderer in his first movie role in "Halloween II." Being credited only as "Assistant" in this horror movie sequel is a whole lot better than waiting for an unemployment check.

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