5 Film Whistleblowers Who Almost Died For Telling The Truth

Monday, January 9 by Gregory Wakeman


Silkwood meryl streep.jpg

Meryl Streep’s performance as the titular star Karen Silkwood in this 1983 drama directed by Mike Nichols is often overlooked by even her most fervent of fans. Silkwood is exposed to radiation at a power plant, and as she investigates the alleged wrong doing at the plant she is killed in a suspicious car accident. Her zeal for exposing the truth cost her dearly.


“The Constant Gardner.”

The Constant Gardner rachel weisz ralph fiennes.jpg

Rachel Weisz‘s character attempts to uncover a plot by a huge pharmaceutical company to conduct horrible and dangerous tests on young children in Kenya in Fernando Meirelles‘ drama. For her troubles, she is murdered and the film follows Ralph Fiennes as he attempts to find the culprits to this horrible deed. Two conspiracies in one film…of course someone had to die!

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