5 Film Whistleblowers Who Almost Died For Telling The Truth

Monday, January 9 by Gregory Wakeman

The Informant Matt Damon Movies List

Secrets can be tough to keep. The urge to talk about some juicy piece of news can be overwhelming. But the big secrets, the big time cover-ups, those are pretty much impossible to keep under wraps. Be it a government conspiracy, a murder, or even some kind of infidelity, these secrets need to come out. It takes a committed, brave, and fearless individual to reveal these secrets. The consequences for telling the truth can be enormous. The act of whistleblowing may be seen as backsliding by some, but when done for the greater good it creates the kind of conflict that the movie industry thrives on, and these five whistleblowers nearly paid, or in some cases did pay, the ultimate price for their actions.


All The Presidents Men.”

all the presidents men.jpg

Probably the most infamous case of whistleblowing ever committed, Woodward and Bernstein’s names have become synonymous with journalism. With the help of the mysterious “Deep Throat,” the duo uncovered a massive conspiracy that later become known as “Watergate.”

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