5 Film Families Larger Than The Duggars

Wednesday, November 9 by
Let's hope they have mutliple toilets. 

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar surprised the world by announcing that they are pregnant for the twentieth time. What’s mostly surprising is that somebody named Jim Bob was able to have sex a minimum of twenty times.

But seriously, that’s a lot of kids. And though having children is an enriching experience, there has to be a point where having that many is an impediment on a functioning life. It can cause financial, emotional, and vaginal strain. Not to mention the fact that they’re ineligible to appear on Family Feud.

However, the large family trend is growing in popularity with many Americans opting to raise a shitload of children. This is thanks in part to The Duggars, but also to the film families listed below.

Xenomorphs – Aliens

When it comes to movie moms, the Alien Queen really gets around. She has hundreds of children, all of which were conceived with a different partner. Her self-esteem must really be in the toilet. Alien Queen’s dad really messed her up.

Gremlins – Gremlins

Stripe the Gremlin probably has the biggest family in film history. Think about like this, if a spilled glass of water caused Gizmo to birth five offspring, just imagine what Spike’s jump into a YMCA pool yielded. Hundreds, if not thousands. When you factor in his babies having babies, that’s a ton of Gremlins. It must be really rough for them around Christmas.

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