Here are the coolest 5 female martial arts movies. What's better than a martial arts flick? How about a martial arts flick that's centered around a beautiful woman, or women that kick a lot of ass and take just as many names? Exactly. There is no martial arts movie better than a good female martial arts movie. 

  1. "Azumi" (2003).  In war-torn fuedal Japan, ninjas are like the go to guys. Whenever someone needs to be killed, or power needs to be shifted, ninjas are called in to handle the situation. Well, this particular film has three evil warlords that need to be put down. In comes Azumi. She's one of ten orphans that have been trained in the art of the ninja since birth. Oh, and she just so happens to be the hottest chick ever to wrap her fingers around a blade. Her beauty is only matched by her killing expertise. You need to see this female martial arts movie for this particular female.

  2. "Azumi 2: Death Or Love" (2005). If you haven't had enough of the sexy Azumi after her first flick, then check this one out. It takes place right after the end of the first movie. All of the warlords are dead, now there's internal unrest in government. Well, Azumi has to start killing folks all over again. Oh, and she's just as hot as she was in the first flick. Of course, that's all that really matters.

  3. "Kill Bill Vol. 1" (2003). This movie is chock full of violence, death, blood and more violence. Yes, it has all of the stuff a true martial arts flick should have. It also has Darryl Hannah, Uma Thurman, Vivica Fox, and Lucy Liu. Talk about some serious cat fights. This movie kicks ass, plain and simple.

  4. "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" (2000). Even if Zhang Ziyi wasn't in the film, you'd have to see it. It's a visually amazing masterpiece. The vibrant colors, the slic fighting scenes. This movie would be awesome even if the beautiful Michelle Yeoh, and Zhang Ziyi didn't get down and dirty in the flick.

  5. "The Jade Faced Assassin" (1971). Yes, this is an older flick, but it still kicks much butt across the screen. It's all about a beautiful female warrior with rather dastardly intentions. Hell hath no fury like a lady warrior scorned. She's raising the son of a man that shunned her. She also arranges for the sister of the young boy to be raised by a mortal enemy. Her plan? She wants to get the siblings to destroy each other in a duel. Cool right? It's definitely worth a glance.