Sibling rivalry can sometimes lead to success in the entertainment industry much like how these 5 famous movie siblings earned respect and made a fortune in show business. There are plenty of sibling acts: There are Ben and Casey Affleck, Owen and Luke Wilson, and a lot of Baldwins (only Alec has achieved star stature). These famous movie siblings stand out among the crowd for their success in Hollywood.

River and Joaquin Phoenix Thes brothers became exquisite, troubled actors who eventually discarded the Hollywood scene that clawed for their attention (River through drugs and Joaquin with his pseudo-documentary “I’m Still Here” that flipped the bird at the industry). Both have received Oscar nominations for their compelling portraits. River brought an unexpected depth to “Stand By Me” and “Running on Empty” before dying of a drug overdose. If Joaquin returns to acting, he’ll likely gather more Academy attention beyond “Gladiator” and “Walk the Line.” It takes a brave man to walk in Johnny Cash's boots and Joaquin perfectly brought the musical legend to the big screen.

Jeff and Beau Bridges Although Beau may not have this younger brother's stratospheric career, the sons of actor Lloyd Bridges have a unique Hollywood history. Beau was the breakout star with “The Landlord,” but young Jeff managed to upstage Clint Eastwood in “Thunderbolt and Lightfoot.” The best contribution the Bridges made to cinema siblinghood was during 1989's "The Fabulous Baker Boys.” As two musician brothers with a D-List lounge act, the real-life brothers play all the textured notes of sibling hatred, loyalty and understanding.

Joel and Ethan Coen There are plenty of working brothers behind the camera: the Farrellys (“There's Something About Mary”), the Hughes ("Menace II Society" and "Dead Presidents") and the Wachowskis (“The Matrix”). However, Joel and Ethan Coen have created a unique and indelible world of their own that brought out the best in their stars like Jeff Bridges in “The Big Lebowski” and Josh Brolin in “No Country for Old Men.” Since “Blood Simple” wowed the festival circuit in 1984, the Coens have attracted the biggest names in Hollywood to their ecclectic and unique cinema creations.

The Marx Brothers Harpo, Chico, Groucho and sometimes Zeppo (with younger brother Gummo steering clear of the act) first conquered vaudeville and Broadway before making a string of brilliantly chaotic comedy films. There was a team named the Ritz Brothers and the Smothers Brothers certainly had a nice run, but the madcap and lovable Marx brothers still hold the crown for inspired lunacy by brothers on film (sorry, Wayans).

The Weinsteins Whether you like their films or not, Bob and Harvey Weinstein have remained astoundingly successful producers in Hollywood. Many production companies have a good run, but at Miramax, it was family. Even the company name was derived from their parents Miriam and Max. From introducing the world to Quentin Tarantino or getting those “Good Will Hunting” Oscars into Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's hands, the Weinsteins know how to get a film attention and Academy nominations. The formula for success was simple: They genuinely love movies and allow filmmakers to make interesting films. There have been some bumpy years and unsuccessful ventures (Disney and “Talk” magazine), but with 2010 Oscar winners “The King’s Speech” and “The Fighter” on their roster, never count the Weinsteins out.