The 5 best famous movie critics are all those critics who have succeeded at making an impact on the way that audiences view and interpret films. These are critics who actors, directors and movie studios have to always be on the lookout for knowing full well that their reviews can help to either make on break their features.

  1. Gene Siskel. Though now deceased, Gene Siskel is the best famous movie critic, mainly because of his being a part of the long-running TV show that he shared with Roger Ebert. Though Siskel died in early 1999 because of complications from brain surgery that he had endured in late 1998, his legacy lives on. As a part of his TV-critic show with Ebert, Siskel probably was more instrumental than anyone (excluding Ebert) for popularizing the "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" gesture to instantly convey a positive or negative review of a film.

  2. Roger Ebert. The second-best movie critic because he outlived and survived his partner, Gene Siskel, Roger Ebert is now also in dire straits himself due to ill and failing health. However, in his heyday, Ebert earned a reputation for himself as one of America's leading critics. He is noted for having been the first film critic to get a Pulitzer Prize. Currently, Ebert is suffering the aftereffects of thyroid cancer, which has left him with no voice or jaw.

  3. Richard Roeper. Richard Roeper is probably best known as the filler for the late Gene Siskel on the TV-critic show that he had with Roger Ebert. From 2000 on, Roeper was the permanent co-host of Ebert's on said show, which is why he comes in at number three on this list of the best movie critics. While he left said show in 2008, Roeper is still quite influential with his general interest newspaper column, as well as his movie critic column that is run by the Chicago Sun-Times and other papers throughout the US.

  4. Gene Shalit. Gene Shalit comes in as the fourth-best movie critic because of his longevity. Not only is this critic infamous for his overuse of puns, his weirdly vibrant bowties, and his walrus-like handlebar moustache, but he has been a fixture on "The Today Show" on NBC since 1973. While he was involved in a mini-controversy of sorts with his negative-but-honest review of "Brokeback Mountain" (which enraged gay special interest groups), his brand has not been hurt.

  5. Leonard Maltin. Leonard Maltin rounds out this list of the most famous movie critics because he's been a very public figure in the critics' industry for decades, now. He has authored books on movies and been positioned in the role as movie-expert on many of the shows he's guested on. He currently lectures at the University of Southern California when he is not maintaining the role as host for his show on DirecTV.