5 Family Movies That Are So Bad You’ll Wish Your Family Was Dead

Tuesday, January 3 by Stu Moody

family watching movie.jpg

A good family movie can make you feel all warm and fuzzy. It can make you feel closer to your other family members. But some family movies are so bad that they may make you wish that your family was dead. That sounds extreme, but these cinematic abortions are bad in a way that is almost beyond description. The phrase “so bad, it’s good” doesn’t apply here, as these films are so bad that they looped past “good” and went all the way back to “bad” again. If you and the family are looking for entertainment, you may want to look for something other than these five wretched family movies.

Ghost Dad.”

Ghost Dad bill cosby.jpg

Oh, Bill Cosby. Movies just aren’t your thing, are they? “Leonard Pt. 6″ was awful, but you didn’t learn, did you? The Cozz may have had success with his TV shows, and the “Himself” comedy special is legendary, but his films are putrid. Witness 1990’s “Ghost Dad.” Audiences are left lifeless as tired joke after tired joke is done over and over again, to the delight of no one. If Jell-O pudding pops weren’t so delicious, Bill may never have recovered from this fiasco.

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