Product placement has become an integral element of modern movie-making. If someone is eating a burger it will probably be adorned with a Burger King logo. If there's a beer on screen it'll be ladened with a Budweiser sticker. Some directors are able to seamlessly place these onto the screen. Others struggle to hide them amongst their own mise-en-scene. Here are 5 examples of ridiculous product placement.


"Wayne's World"

Mike Myers is now mostly remembered for being the voice of Shrek and for his performances in Austin Powers but in the early '90s everyone recognized him as the alternative rock and roll late night host Wayne Campbell. But even he wasn't above selling out to corporate pigs, even if he was blatantly doing it for laughs.


"Casino Royale"

Daniel Craig's James Bond helped to re-invent the world's most famous spy. He became a cold-hard killer much in the vain of Matt Damon's Jason Bourne and put his humorous quips to one side. But even he wasn't above a bit of product placing, especially when he wanted to show off his new Omega watch.



Michael Bay is an expert at squeezing product placement into his movies and barely having it noticed. And "Transformers" is where we see the director utilize his skills to their full capacity. One of the deceptions comes in the form of Mountain Dew and each of the Transformers are powered by Chevrolet engines.


"Minority Report"

Debate continues to rage whether Steven Spielberg was shamelessly using product placement in his sci-fi action adventure or using these companies for a scathing attack on modern society. It was probably a combination of the two, and GAP, Lexus and BLV probably felt a profit from it too.


"Little Nicky"

Colonel Sanders' KFC dominates the world of chicken so Popeye's idea to takeover the world of poultry started by advertising profusely in Adam Sandler's "Little Nicky," which might not have been the greatest idea of all time. One demon even states "Popeye's Chicken is the shiznet!" A ringing endorsement for the franchise.