5 Disney Heroines Every Girl Can Look Up To

Saturday, March 17 by Dan MacIntosh


It's not easy for girls to find role models. It's difficult for humans in general to discover those they can pattern themselves after. However, Disney has done a great job over the years creating heroines girls can focus on and try to be like. Granted, there are plenty of princesses that are relatively useless, as well as more than a few particularly bad witches. However, there are also some mighty strong women. Some are actual crime fighters, while others fight the injustice they find in their culture. That's not such a bad thing, so here are a few the more famous Disney heroines.


Belle ("Beauty and the Beast")



Always dressed in her golden ball gown, Belle is a wonderful woman in "Beauty and the Beast." Girls can look up to her because she is able to see beyond the outside (of the Beast) to discover the beautiful inside of this man. In our increasingly superficial world, it's wonderful to find characters that realize beauty is only skin deep. On top of that, she's well-read and isn't impressed by the gestures of the horrible Gaston. She is NOT just another girl in a pretty dress.

Elastigirl ("The Incredibles")


Elastigirl is a mom that is also a crime fighter. She can take on even the toughest guys. This character from "The Incredibles" is an inspiration to both young girls and moms alike, because she can do it all. To say she's flexible, is both a figurative statement and a literal one. Watch her stretch! It also doesn't hurt that her whole family fights crime. Wow, if she was the only one, just imagine how tough THAT would be.



Miss Bianca ("The Rescuers")



Just because you know how to dress well, doesn't mean you can't also love adventure. Such is the case with Miss Bianca of "The Rescuers." Miss Bianca is unafraid of danger. She helps a young orphan being held captive, which means she's always looking out to help the helpless. She also looks extremely good in hats, which may not necessarily be part of a survival school, but it's not a bad thing. Her benevolent and charitable nature makes her a girl to pattern yourself after.


Ariel ("The Little Mermaid")



Some of the best heroines live under water. Take Ariel, for example. She shows that you can't always wait for life to come to you. Sometimes you have to go out and get it. And that's exactly what she does. She may be a little headstrong (or more than a little) but you can't fault a girl who follows her passion, even if it does put her in harm's way.


Esmeralda ("The Hunchback of Notre Dame")



Although it's not recommended that girls grow up to be gypsies, Esmeralda is an exception to this rule. She simply hates injustice of every variety, and fights it at every turn. She's someone every girl can aim to pattern herself after. You might not have a woebegone hunchback in your town to look out for. But even if you don't, Esmeralda is someone to respect.

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