Dance is form of expression that we use when all other forms of communication fail. If not to convey something to somebody around us, its a great way of getting out all your feelings. You don't have to be a professional to dance. Hell, you don't even have to be good at it! But there are some lucky people that are blessed with the capability to move in a such beautiful and rhythmic ways that they make careers out of what they love-- dance! Here are a few documentaries about dancers that you'll enjoy whether you're a dancer or not.


Documentarians Sean and Andrea Fine travel to the war torn land of Uganda where there have been wars raging between the military and opposition forces for as long as the children in this documentary can remember. They set up base in a small refugee camp where they meet children and families trying to escape the war and live their lives. The people in the camp heal through song and dance. They take their minds off of the horrible killings and genocide going on their country by practicing like crazy to participate in the National Music Competition. This is truly a touching and beautiful documentary.

2. "Mad Hot Ballroom"

Filmed in the bustling city of New York this documentary follows the lives of fifth graders in the New York school system. But, they're not like other kids out there. They may be small, but they have a huge passion for ballroom dancing. As the documentary progresses on, we see that every child is unique. Race, gender and religion do not matter in their world and it never will. They will always be brought together with dance. The youngsters in "Mad Hot Ballroom" will inspire you to get up and do the chachacha!

3. "Ballerina"

Okay, so this is a ballerina documentary, but trust us, you don't have to be a ballerina to love watching it! "Ballerina" follows the lives of five Russian ballerinas performing on the world renowned Kirov Ballet stage. Their performances, personal lives and interviews are all captured. You can see how dedicated each one of them is. Every move they make is precise, smooth and beautiful to watch. Its not easy being a ballerina and these show you what it really takes.

4. "That's Dancing"

 1985's "Just Dance" is a wonderful documentary hosted by famous personalities like Liza Minnelli and Ray Bolger. They go back in time and look at the most famous dance numbers in movies up until 1985. The documentary features performances by Michael Jackson and John Travolta. It also shows special scenes from some of the most famous movies of the decade like "Flashdance", "Fame" and "Carousel". The hosts discuss each dance and take us down nostalgia lane.

5. "Planet B-Boy"

"Planet B-Boy" is one documentary you definitely don't have to be a ballerina to enjoy watching. The documentary follows the history of break dancing. It also shows the annual Battle of the Year competition between all urban dancers. It features five particular crews training as hard as they can night and day to win the competition. We love this documentary because the dancers are always finding new ways to entertain us and move to the beat!