What good is a spaceship if a human can't fly it? In the world of science fiction there are literally thousands of spaceships the nerds, geeks and dorks of the world wish they could get their hands on. Come on, be honest. If you had the Millenium Falcon parked in your driveway, that luxury car of yours would drown in dust. Who would catch a bus if they could hop a star cruiser? There are so many cool spaceships for humans out there that compiling this list wasn't a simple task, but you'll agree that these five cool spaceships are definitely ahead of the curve.

Max from "Flight of the Navigator"

OK, so the family movie wasn't that great, but the spaceship was awesome. Max was a cool spaceship that collected different alien species during its travels and chose a kid to be its navigator. The controls were sensitive to touch, much like your nextgen gaming system controllers. The cockpit literally lifted out of the ground and looked like a metallic throne. Max could travel at crazy speeds and could turn invisible. Oh, and Max could travel through time. The best part about Max was the long metallic eyeball voiced by Pee Wee Herman. Come on, a spaceship voiced by Pee Wee Herman has to be one of the coolest out there.

The Millenium Falcon from "Star Wars: Episode IV"

The Millenium Falcon would appear on everyone's list of cool spaceships. According to Han Solo, "It made the Kessel run in less than twelve parsecs." The Millenium Falcon had cool guns mounted on swiveling chairs, a hologram chess board, a wookie and smuggling compartments great for sneaking onto the Imperial Spacecraft. Most importantly, the original Death Star would still be in one piece if the Millenium Falcon didn't swoop in and save the day. 

The USS Enterprise from "Star Trek"

"Star Trek" was your father's favorite show. The USS Enterprise has been around for a very long time and always had that super cool pizza design and the photon torpedoes. But the version created for the 2009 movie remake surpasses all its predecessors. Why? Because you get to see the whole ship. Not only do you get to see the captain's deck, you get to see the beaming room, the war drive and a whole host of other places only spoken about in the earlier films.

The crashed alien ship from "Independence Day"

It was more like the extraterrestrial version of a high speed performance car than some clunky moon man mobile. That thing was fast and had a level of durability and maneuverability that human ships couldn't match. Oh, and it's the sole reason why you aren't enslaved by some slimey, tentaclely, evil alien race.

Alien Derelict from "Alien"

Why is this ship one of the coolest spaceships for humans? Because it introduces one of the most deadly, predatory animals the science fiction world has ever seen: the acid blooded, serpent-like Xenomorph from the "Alien" franchise. If it wasn't for this ship incubating and growing these deadly creatures and human curiosity, you'd all be stuck watching some subpar Sci-Fi flick like "Swamp Thing."