5 Classic Heather Locklear Roles

Monday, November 21 by BWalter

She's been acting since 1979, but here are five classic Heather Locklear roles. When you think of Heather Locklear, what comes to mind? Besides wanting to get her naked? Longevity. The woman's been in the acting game for over 30 years and during that time it seems as if she's managed to get hotter as she ages. Everything you see her in, she epitomizes the phrase "Blonde Bombshell," so picking her most memorable roles isn't the easiest of tasks, but here they are anyway.

Sammy Jo from "Dynasty" OK, even if you've never seen the show—which most of you probably haven't or won't admit—you have to be honest about one thing: She burned up the screen. Sassy isn't a good enough word to describe this sexy character brought to life by Ms. Locklear. As sweet and girl next door as she appeared, this chick had serious claws. Which, of course, made her all the more memorable and sexy.

Melrose Place" isn't really the type of show a guy would follow, at least you could secretly admire Heather Locklear while feigning disinterest when your lady friend made you watch.

Officer Stacey Sheridan from "TJ Hooker" A woman in uniform. What more needs to be said? Yeah, yeah. "TJ Hooker" was supposedly William Shatner's vehicle, but be honest with yourself for a minute. Were you watching this show to see Captain James T Kirk in a cop uniform or did you tune in for the blonde beauty? Exactly.

Caitlin Moore from "Spin City" Heather Locklear is hot. You all know this. But she's a pretty darn good actress as well. She was nominated for two Golden Globes during her tenure as Caitlin Moore, the sexy communications director for the mayor's office, and she held her own against the likes of Charlie Sheen and Michael J. Fox.

Abby Arcane from "The Return of Swamp Thing" This movie was terrible. Swamp Thing didn't even like it. But it just goes to show you how far a hot blonde can carry a trashy movie. Seriously, studio heads have developed a fail-safe equation with crap movies. If the movie's terrible, insert hot chick and problem solved. Lucky for you, that hot chick was Heather Locklear.

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