5 Classic Films That Would Have Been Better With Olivia Wilde

Friday, November 18 by Russell Deza

No disrespect to the fine actresses that worked on these flicks but these are definitely 5 classic films that would have been better with Olivia Wilde. Before she made it big, Wilde took on bit roles in television and movies but has since moved onto meatier and more substantial projects. Wilde's alluring looks also makes her quite a commodity on the runways. She has quite an impressive resume working with the likes of Ryan Reynolds, Russell Crowe and Harrison Ford. It's a pity Wilde's career has only started to pick up. Had she been born in an earlier era, Wilde would have been perfect for a number of classic roles.


“The Sound of Music” Julie Andrews was just fantastic as Maria, the free-spirited young woman studying to be a nun. However, because she had too much energy for convent life, Maria is sent out to be governess of the seven children of a decorated Austrian navy captain Taken aback, by how strict her widower employer is, she slowly relaxes all the rules and brings music into the lives of the children. While Olivia Wilde may not have the vocal talents Andrews had, she certainly trumps her when it comes to sheer looks. The boys under her care would have crushes on her while the girls would be getting a crash course in hair and makeup. It would also take less than fifteen minutes into the film for Captain Von Trapp to fall head over heels for her instead of an hour and a half.



"Alien" A young and nubile Sigourney Weaver took on the role of Warrant Officer Ripley and helped turn this 1979 release into the classic it is today. A strange alien life form is inadvertently brought into a space craft where it picks off the crew members one by one. Because they lack conventional weapons, the crew uses motion tracking equipment with flamethrowers and electric prods to try and capture or destroy the creature; Wilde could surely come up with a better performance. The talented Wilde has shown audiences her physical acting prowess in films such as “Cowboys and Aliens” and “Tron.” With her impressive performances in both these films, it is certainly not outside of her capabilities to take on vicious alien in deep space.



Batman Returns” While Christopher Nolan's vision of Batman is all the rage these days many people may have overlooked Tim Burton's take on the “Dark Knight.” Thanks to the commercial and critical success of the 1989 “Batman,” a sequel was released three years later. The lovely Michelle Pfeiffer played “Catwoman" and teams up with the villainous Penguin to rid Gotham City of Batman. Olivia Wilde taking on the role of Catwoman would be a no-brainer. She not only has the figure and looks, her trademark cat-like eyes would be perfect for the part.



“Pretty Woman” A rich businessman, played to perfection by the dashing Richard Gere, hires an escort to accompany him in social events. They take a liking to each other slowly and eventually fall in love. Playing the part of Vivian the prostitute propelled Julia Roberts into superstardom. Replacing her would be difficult but if there was anyone capable of taking on the part and bringing it to the next level, it would be Olivia Wilde. Wilde has the looks and the figure to take on the role of Vivian. She is also oozing that elusive “bad girl” quality that certainly would make her shine on-screen.


“Carrie” This Stephen King classic stars John Travolta and Sissy Spacek. A shy young woman (Spacek) is constantly harassed by school bullies, but one fateful night she is pushed too far and unleashes her terrifying powers. Wilde has already done heart-pounding horror with “Turistas,” so she would have no problem taking top billing and playing the part of the telekinetic Carrie White. Her unique looks would make it a cinch for her to be the victim and the victimizer, and she can also do crazy. Just imagine her covered in blood with an insane look on her face. Now that's scary.

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