Cinema verite is a style of filmmaking that shows the entire film from the perspective of the viewer and cameraman. This style has been popular off and on over the past few decades, but has had a huge rise recently due to a lot of horror films that have effectively used the style, as well as a lot of television shows like "The Office" that have a faux documentary style. Many of these cinema verite movies are not very good, however, the five listed below are definitely worth watching.

"Troll Hunter".

Arguably the best cinema verite film made in the recent spate of found footage movies, this Norwegian film follows three film students who end up working with a troll hunter who keeps trolls in line in northern Norway. The way in which the story unfurls and the funny, exciting and just plain cool adult fairy tale makes this a cinema verite film worth seeing.


The premise is simple: a cameraman at a friend's going away party starts filming events in New York City when a monster inexplicably attacks. In short, this is Godzilla from a cinema verite angle. While the story is mediocre, the production of this movie is top notch, and it is a fantastic thrill ride.

"Paranormal Activity".

Brilliant in its low budget execution, this cinema verite film shows a haunted house through cameras that have been set up to try and document weird events that have been occurring. As the fear factor in many of the best horror movies is based on what you can and cannot see, the static cinema verite style keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, as the scary things are often just out of view or frame. This is one of the best examples as to how truly scary cinema verite can be.

"The Last Exorcism".

A documentary crew follows an exorcist to Louisiana to exorcise a little girl who is supposedly possessed. The in-camera approach makes for a number of creepy moments, however, upping the effectiveness of this smart and tight horror film. Much like other cinema verite horror films, what you can't quite see from the point of view of the cameraman is the scariest part because it seems like a demonically possessed little girl might be sneaking up behind or crawling on the ceiling above you.

"The Blair Witch Project".

One of the most famous cinema verite films ever made and the film that brought cinema verite back to the mainstream, "The Blair Witch Project" is scary to some and hated by others. It's scary for the aforementioned reasons of keeping the audience from seeing anything; however, it is also hated because you never actually see anything. Regardless, it's an important film to watch, especially if you want to make something in the cinema verite style yourself.