From sheer survival to bloodthirsty revenge, the urge to keep living is strong in these 5 characters that were marked for death but fought back. Tackle your own mortality as you make comparisons to the protagonists here and that time you had to drive an extra hour just to find an open taco stand late at night so you could survive as well.

Jack Mason.

Ice-T gets hunted by a motley crew of friends who have decided to make real the old story of “The Most Dangerous Game” by offering a job to a depressed, homeless man. “Surviving the Game” uses both mental predation by making Mason feel like he is regaining control of his life again, and physical predation when they literally hunt him like a trophy animal. Beyond getting to hear Ice-T toss off nice little one liners, you also get the creepiest evil performance by Charles Dutton as one of the hunters. If you’re still not sold, then these two words should fix that: Gary Busey.

John Hatcher.

Love him, hate him or maybe you’re just bored and one of his films is on television, but Steven Seagal is marked for death and ready to fight back against his aggressors in “Marked for Death”. As a DEA agent that has pissed off a Jamaican drug dealer called Screwface and his posse, Hatcher finds himself dodging bullets and machetes as he fights for his life. The frenetic battle at the mall is a showcase of the oldest continuing hair battle of all time: ponytails versus dreadlocks. A fun film to laugh both at and with it.

Shuya Nanahara.

Being marked for death is one of the worst things that can happen to a person, but it becomes much more terrible when the hunters are your school mates and the only way to survive is to be the last one alive. “Battle Royale” is a brutal Japanese survival film that captures the emotional turmoil of the students with a clarity that captures the complexity of each individual’s thoughts with great sincerity and forethought. Shuya survives this horrible trial but his survival comes with mental scars that will be with him for his life. The scene with Kitano explaining why the class is on the island is a great one to watch.

Chance Boudreaux.

You know it’s going to be one of those marked for death kind of days when Lance Henriksen is hunting you down and the one guy who has your back is Wilford Brimley. “Hard Target” deals with an elitist group hunting down the less fortunate. Good old Van Damme gets tossed into the mix by helping the daughter of one of the murdered men thus becoming their new target. This film has got a lot of fun fight scenes plus Wilford Brimley with a bow and arrow, so all your viewing needs get met. The scene where Van Damme plays chicken on his cycle with a truck and darn near sticks the landing is well worth the time it takes to laugh, rewind and laugh again at the outrageousness of it all.


Natalie Portman gets to one up a terrible family life by having her family get killed while she’s out getting milk and then gets hunted down as the witness that can put down a bunch of dirty cops, led by Gary Oldman. “Leon: The Professional” delivers a great story and greater performances by Oldman, Reno and Portman. Mathilda gets marked for death but fights back in the best possible way by getting taken in by a hit man and subsequently trained by him. Featuring a scene that teaches everyone the fastest way to getting kicked out of a hotel, “Leon: The Professional” is a film that needs to be owned so it can be passed down through the generations along with your great grandmother’s porcelain cat collection.