With a foundation of a pile of sticks and some fire, tales get told, monsters are banished, and friendships get started. Journey past the caveman roots of using flame to cook squirrel-asauruses and gain some new ideas when you catch these five campfire scenes that every scout should see.

Fahrenheit 451

In a brutally oppressed society, not one of those touchy feely, oppressed societies, books are miniature campfires just waiting to warm the populace. Teaching every scout that they don’t have to scavenge dry wood or bother with matches when there is a flamethrower and some literature around, “Fahrenheit 451” tackles the heady ideas of freedom of thought and expression while keeping you snug on a damp, Fall day. Watch as everyone gathers up outside the apartment for a good old fashioned campfire in a scene that makes a falling bag of books a truly horrific event.

The Burrowers

Teaching another lesser-known lesson on campfire etiquette is William Parcher in “The Burrowers.” With the knowledge that campfires keep animals away but not subterranean monsters or Indian tribes, Parcher stokes the group’s campfire as a bait to draw in their mysterious attackers in a scene that skillfully captures the fear of the dark and its inhabitants. This isn’t to say that scouts should start using this as a tactic to ambush warring Girl Scout cookie factions or to eliminate the local Camp Fire kids group, but it’s still useful knowledge to have, just in case.

Blazing Saddles

The campfire as a place of communal eating and sharing your individuality are the two lessons that “Blazing Saddles” teaches to the scout. With copious amounts of beans and de-pressurizing being shared around the fire, you can feel the bonds of camaraderie grow stronger with each eruption. Hear the sonic unity the cowboys have as they break bread with each other and wait for olfactory fatigue to start.

The Fog

Teaching the lesson that a campfire is the perfect foundation for a scary tale, “The Fog” brings out a salty old sailor to scare some kids around the flames. Once you know how to make a responsible, non-wildfire type fire a scout might as well learn the intricacies of scaring everyone else with tales of terror right before sleep. Add in the knowledge that the sailor gives the children about luring ships to their death via large bonfires and you have a campfire scene that every scout should commit to memory, just in case.


There’s no patch for xenophobia so a scout might as well learn acceptance of aliens now, and the eventual invasion when they discover just how good Tim’s Jalapeno chips are. When Royce and company go to free the smaller Predator alien from his genetically larger captors, you can see just how well the campfires the Predators have left burning really add a sense of home and adventure to the place. A campfire scene for every scout to take in as they realize they’re going to need a whole new level of patches in the future.