Hollywood thinks they've got it all figured out -- stick to the formula and rake in millions. What they don't know is if they don't start reinventing the romantic comedy, viewers will start to look to other countries film industries to keep them entertained. After all, an interesting accent to the ears is only the cherry on top for stories that are nothing like "The Bounty Hunter" or "Valentine's Day."


Run, Fatboy, Run



In this modern day British comedy, you’ll find Simon Pegg at his best. Dennis loves his girlfriend, but the thought of a baby and marriage has him running for the hills. Literally. On his wedding day. As his bride collapses in a heap of white tulle, watching him humiliate her in front of friends and family. Years later, he begins to realize he lost the best thing he ever had and gained nothing in return. His ex Libby had moved on and the new guy is far more successful than Dennis will ever be. In fact, he runs marathons. Watching this slacker get in shape just to make a point is chock full of laughs.


About A Boy



Will isn’t the average Mr. Right you’ll find in run of the mill comedies. He doesn’t do much since his father left him with a fortune. Left without any family to spend time with, Will doesn’t even know how to function in society. He passes the time by spending hours at home alone, going out for long walks or going out to buy things he doesn’t need. Which is just the way he likes it, but when he meets a beautiful woman who makes him question his dull existence, he doesn’t know how to move past the question, “So, what do you do?”


Notting Hill



Hugh Grant’s never been able to go back to his peak at romantic comedy, which he achieved in "Notting Hill." Will Thacker is attractive but insecure in a boyish way. Something about his honesty draws mega movie star Anna Scott towards him and he shields her from the harsh light of the paparazzi. But after finding out her true identity, Will struggles to treat her as he did before he knew she’s more than just an ordinary girl.


My Last Five Girlfriends



"My Last Five Girlfriends" premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. Duncan Patricks is ready to leave this life behind. Before he does, he decides to message a word of farewell to the last five women he dated. The film chronicles what went wrong with each of his crash and burn relationships. For anyone who’s had bad luck in relationships, this funny movie’s sure to be a fun ride.


The Decoy Bride



In this modern era of celebrity tabloids, phone hacking scandals and million dollar wedding and baby photos, this light comedy is relevant and fresh. An internationally famous actress is set to wed her British author husband but the only problem is ditching the press. A decoy bride is called in to sort that out but the body double ends up sparking attraction with the groom.