5 Bizarre Obsessive Movie Crushes

Friday, October 14 by

Barbara Land – Mars Attacks!

You feel that nobody hears your global karmic cry for help. There are so many people unhappy in their lives and there’s no need for you to feel those sorrows. Your heightened perception comes with the drawback of heightened sensitivity. Causing you to bury your heartlight under six shots of tequila.

If only you’d go for me the way you go for that bottle.

Dren – Splice

What a shame it is to see you locked away, hidden from the world’s view because it won’t understand you. But it’s your parents who don’t understand you. Your captors.

You’ve come to the age where you’re curious about life, about new discoveries like music, food, laughter, sex and love. It’s time that you spread your metaphorical wings as well as your literal ones. There’s a big world out there just full of possibility. You should buy a wig and explore it…and yourself.

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